Ahmad Osni Peii

Pak Ahmad and his creation.

Pak Ahmad and his creation Sakinah.

Indonesian sculptor Ahmad Osni Peii was resident at Rimbun Dahan for 6 months in ’99 when he returned to Southeast Asia after living in the States for 40 years.

While he was at Rimbun Dahan, he embarked on the creation of several large-scale outdoor sculptures in painted aluminium, which were produced with the help of a team at a studio off-site.

“…This see-through spatio-shell structure is not mathematically formulated as many may assume.  It is simply an intuitive discovery, so to speak, in mathematical sense for I believe all forms created knowingly or unknowingly are not absent of judiciously purposeful plan unless unconsciously or deliberately done, in other words unaccountably playful, cynical or whimsical.  This is not so with my work.  It is a medium discovered, precise and fit, I think, for the theme of ‘formal allegory’, a visual suggestion on harmonious relationship, a Gestalt, between ‘things’ as a whole in unity, rhythm, order, contrast, balance, proportion, to name a few, just as one would reflect on or appreciate the unarbitrary composition of all immeasurably diverse living things interactively created in nature…”

Sakinah (above and below) was the first large outdoor sculpture by resident artist Ahmad Osni Peii to be installed at Rimbun Dahan, in the Bulatan Plong in 1999. Two other pieces — Geliat Nusantara (red piece, below) and Gelang Serai (white piece, below) — were installed in 2005. All three are made of painted aluminium.