Ajim Juxta (Raja Azeem Idzham)

Ajim Juxta is a pseudonym and a stage name for Raja Azeem Idzham (b. 1983) as a frontman for his band. He came from a family that has a strong art and music background and was enrolled in Architecture school only to find that it is lacking as a channel for him to be artistic. He had delved into various form of arts before focusing on fine arts and exhibiting widely since 2011. Ajim has also won various awards and received residencies since his journey as a full time artist. He was the recipient of Khazanah Nasional and ACME Studio Art Residency Sep- Dis 2017 and Beneficiary for Emerging Artist Incubation Funding 2018 under CENDANA.

As for my practice as a visual artist; music, science fiction and Architecture remain as  interests in developing my ideas and the way they grow organically and they are at times a respond to my surroundings. From drawing, painting and making installations I have find ways to express the ideas of the future in a dystopic manner hence it became the visual language and the tone that define my work.

You can check out more of his works at his Instagram.