The Main House

The main house at Rimbun Dahan, completed in 1991, merges modern and traditional materials and finishes, in an open plan that reflects the Malay house on stilts.

Rumah Uda Manap

Relocated from Perak and restored at Rimbun Dahan, this early 20th-century wooden Malay house features unique hardwood carvings by Chinese artisans.

Rumah Penang

Salvaged for its hardwood floor then relocated to Rimbun Dahan, this early 20th century house was originally constructed in George Town, Penang.

Underground Gallery

The Underground Gallery at Rimbun Dahan houses the bulk of the permanent collection of works by resident artists.

Rumah Balai

Constructed from leftovers from renovation projects, the Rumah Balai is a studio apartment in the same neighbourhood as Rumah Uda Manap and Rumah Penang.

Accommodation for Artists

Rimbun Dahan has a number of different styles of accommodation provided to resident artists and other guests according to their specific needs and availability.

Air and Edge

output_267405for Hijjas

Not many ever change a skyline,
send up vertical horizons
of concrete or white stone
meshed with those other illusions,
glass and steel.
Tell us about tomorrow
the architect’s guess is almost over the top.
But the view from the brink!
He’s a juggler of four dimensions
in a boom-town of lightning strikes,
tin mines, and half a dozen tongues,
drawing a structure of daring
on a field of dream,
hoisting up beyond Babel
sculpted forms that speak
with serenity of the very small:
a tower like a bamboo shoot,
a bank that quirks to a cocked hat
with kampong rooflets at the foot,
the standing wave of a bright-green mall.
a stadium like the spread of a Nyonya fan.
And bus 23 from Ampang takes you by
an invitation to Mecca: the fluted Tabung Haji.
It rises like a monolith of music
or the indrawn breath before the azan.

Jan OwenResident Poet at Rimbun Dahan,1997