Artist Studios & Workspaces

Rimbun Dahan has six artist studios (best suited for visual art but can be used as workspaces for writers and researchers), one dance studio, and five empty desks in the office and artist lounge where our Arts Manager works. All of our studios, much like nearly all of our buildings and rooms, are at least partially open air, and some (like the Guest House studios) do not have the capacity to be fully enclosed.

East & West Studios

These two studios are situated right below our Studio Apartments, so often are assigned to artists residing in the apartments. The studios measure about 5.8 meters by 6.25 meters, are enclosed by folding glass doors and sliding windows along the top of the back wall, and equipped with a standing fan and overhead flourescent lights. Tables and chairs can be moved in and out according to the desired arrangement of the resident artist. The West studio is equipped with a sink and faucet, while the West studio is not, but both are in close proximity to two toilets with sinks.

Car Gallery Studios

These two neighbouring studios are situated underneath our dance studio and was formerly used as car garages for Hijjas Kasturi’s antique car collection. The studios measure 5.6 meters by 5.7 meters, and are enclosed by folding glass doors on two sides. The left-side studio has a low wall with glass panels covering 2/3rds of the wall. There is no wall dividing the two studios, although the right-side studio is set a little lower in the ground, creating a step between them. There is a toilet with a sink right behind the left-side studio, and another toilet with a sink 15 meters away (behind the East and West Artist Studios).

Guest House Studios

Another set of neighbouring studios are situated in our guest house, and are often assigned to artists residing in the two rooms of the guest house. The upper studio measures 5.9 meters by 6.35 meters while the lower studio measures 5.2 meters by 5.8 meters. The upper studio has two concrete walls and is enclosed by two grill shutters, which allows a view of the reflective ponds and the main house. The lower studio is on the same level as the house’s kitchen and one of the toilets, and two walls that are a combination of metal grills and concrete. There is a grill shutter that allows a view of the pool house and one of the ponds in the back.

Dance Studio

The dance studio comes equipped with a sprung floor and mirrors along one wall. We store our Balinese gamelan set in one corner, and a piano in the other corner. It can be used for rehearsals, small performances, talks, workshops, and meetings. The capacity is 25 – 30 people (moving around), and possibly 50 (seated, with space for performers).

Office and Artist Lounge

The office and artist lounge is accessible round the clock, and is equipped with desks, chairs, power points, and WiFi. There are also sofas in the lounge, a TV with a DVD player, and a small library for use by all resident artists.

Desks available in the office and artist lounge