Rumah Balai

Rumah Balai (11)

For those who have fond memories of using the old balai (the open sided shed near Rumah Uda Manap) as a studio (particularly Tony Twigg and Lindy Lee), it may come as a shock that it has been renovated. The roof and floor were both in need of repair, so our resident architect took it upon himself to rebuild. Not a studio (something we sorely need) but a cottage, to use up the many bits and pieces generated by our many renovation projects. The old balai itself was first erected to shelter the components of Rumah Uda Manap while the old house was being reconstructed.

Located at the back of Rimbun Dahan, in the same area as Rumah Uda Manap (the blue kampong house) and the Penang House, it is suitable for one person or a couple, for guest accommodation. It is virtually a large single room, divided into sleeping, dining and kitchen spaces. The attached bathroom opens onto a rear verandah where there is a spa bath left over from Hotel Penaga. The front entrance connects the front verandah living space to the inner house.

Photos of the Rumah Balai interior: