Underground Gallery


360 degree panoramic view of the Underground Gallery.

The Underground Gallery was added in 1994/95. It is located beneath the central plaza, accessed from the loggia beside the main house, and is used to store and display exhibitions of visual art.

The Underground Gallery is a single space with walls of different sizes, surrounding a central light and air well. The floor is of sandstone with a decorative edge of river pebbles. It is the only space at Rimbun Dahan with air conditioning, but AC is used only when people are using it. Otherwise it is dehumidified to protect the art works.

Until March 2014, the Gallery hosted two major exhibitions a year that were open to the public: the exhibition of the Malaysian Australia Visual Artists’ Residency early in the year, and WWF Art for Nature towards the end. Since then, periodic shows exhibit works of the residency. Between these exhibitions, the gallery displays selected works from the Rimbun Dahan permanent collection, and may be viewed by appointment.