Dance Programme


The Dance Programme at Rimbun Dahan conducts various dance activities including:


Rimbun Dahan offers short residencies for contemporary dancers and choreographers. They are given full use of the dance studio, and may be eligible for special support, including networking contacts, visits to local performances, and assistance with producing a final showing or organising a workshop. See more info…


Workshops taught by resident choreographers are usually open to the local dance community.

Performances & Productions

Previous work-in-progress or full-scale shows by Rimbun Dahan resident choreographers in theatres in Kuala Lumpure have included:

Dancing in Place

A weekend of site-specific dance works in the garden at Rimbun Dahan. Dancing in Place is free for entry to the general public, and invites local and international dance and performing artists to engage with the architecture and garden environment of Rimbun Dahan by creating short site-specific works.

Choreographers interested in creating works for Dancing in Place should check out the possible venues for performance.

Other Projects

The dance programme also conducts capacity-building and networking projects for local and regional dance practitioners and managers, in partnership with non-profit organisations supporting dance and other cultural organisations.