Accommodation for Artists in Local Collaborations

Rimbun Dahan can provide short-term accommodation to international arts practitioners or arts managers to engage in collaborative arts projects with Malaysian artists, or with Southeast Asian artists during their residency at Rimbun Dahan. We can also provide workspace in our dance studio free of charge (depending on availability, as we give preference for our sponsored and paying resident artists).

The application for accommodation should come from the Malaysian or Southeast Asian partner. We privilege applications for projects that engage with the local Malaysian arts scene and general community, and that can benefit and add to our existing artist community.


A Malaysian drumming group is working with a drumming instructor from the USA on an upcoming performance. The drumming group may apply to get free accommodation for the American drumming instructor at Rimbun Dahan.

A Filipino film director is undertaking a three-month residency at Rimbun Dahan. During that time, she wishes to work with a Fijian scriptwriter for one month. The Filipino may apply to get free accommodation for the Fijian at Rimbun Dahan. The Filipino is currently occupying a house at Rimbun Dahan with two bedrooms; the Fijian will stay in the second bedroom, unless other accommodation is necessary.


We prefer applications for stays not exceeding two weeks. Longer periods are negotiable but will undergo more intensive review.


  • Southeast Asian collaborators receive the accommodation free of charge
  • International collaborators (those not from Southeast Asia) are charged RM100 a person a week

The Malaysian/local partner is responsible for:

  • Picking the visiting artist up at the airport/train station etc. and bringing them to Rimbun Dahan, and sending them back at the end of the residency.
  • Arranging/providing all local transportation for the visiting artist while they are staying at Rimbun Dahan.
  • Taking the visiting artist to the supermarket for their first shop for food provisioning.
  • Acknowledging Rimbun Dahan as Venue Sponsor or Accommodation Sponsor in all promotional material for the event. Logo files are available on request.
  • Visas are the responsibility of the foreign artist or the local partner.

Rimbun Dahan provides:

  • Accommodation in single house or sharing situation, with access to bathroom and kitchen. Choice of accommodation will depend on availability.
  • Studio space, if required.
  • Access to all general Rimbun Dahan facilities incuding free WiFi in the artists’ lounge, swimming pool, and tennis court, as well as weekly provisioning trips to the local supermarket.
  • Towels and bedlinen provided, toiletries not provided.


The Malaysian or Southeast Asian partner should submit an application containing:

  • Bio of the Malaysia/Southeast Asian partner artist/artistic group.
  • Bio of the international partner who needs accommodation.
  • Short description of the collaborative project, including involvement of the international partner.
  • Dates for which you are seeking accommodation.

Selection depends on availability of accomodation and relevance of the collaborative project.


Send applications to: