August 2012 — Tree Felling, and a Musang

We had to fell a 23-year old Hopea odorata in July as it was threatening to fall on either Kak Putih’s house or the spare staff cottage: the main trunk had split into two leaders, neither strong enough to carry the weight of branches and wind. Soon after palnting these we realised that rainforest trees must be planted well away from buildings. Girth was 2 meters, and we are keeping the trunk to mill into timber. If anyone knows of a portable mill that could come and do the necessary, do let us know!

Another smaller tree had to be felled to enable the hired cherry picker to access the Hopea odorata, manoeuvring into position in the tight space between the buildings. After Raya we will hire the cherry picker again to remove all split trunks along the driveway, retaining just the strongest.

In other news, a juvenile Asian palm civet fell into the middle well of the underground gallery at Rimbun Dahan and had to be rescued. The glass doors of the well were opened, and it escaped into the gallery, where it quickly found a nice dark space in the storage area, and was difficult to persuade to leave. Angela has given instructions that if it happens again, a ladder is to be put down into the air well. It works for snakes, so it should work for musang too!