Bumper Egg-Laying Season Calls for More Buying

A newly-hatched green turtle, set to swim.

A newly-hatched green turtle, set to swim.

We need money to keep saving turtles!

This month has seen massive green turtle landings on the East Coast, and we don’t have enough money to save all the eggs. Unsaved eggs go to the local markets and are eaten.

The market rate is RM2.50 an egg — and every egg has a chance to become a turtle. Please contribute to the Rimbun Dahan Turtle Hatchery at Sungai Chendor, Pahang, where we buy freshly-laid turtle eggs from the boys who scour the beaches. These eggs are reburied in our hatchery until they hatch, and the hatchlings released into the sea.

Last year we bought just 5,000 for the whole season from April to September. This year we have already purchased 2,177 eggs in the first 3 weeks of April…. , so the season has started really well!

Please send contributions to CIMB account Angela Jane binti Abdullah 8000553551, marked Hatchery and with your name. Or email Angela Hijjas at angelahijjas@gmail.com. Donors are welcome to visit our hatchery and release baby turtles during hatching season.