Introducing Xeem, Rimbun Dahan’s New Arts Manager

Introducing Xeem, Rimbun Dahan’s New Arts Manager

Greetings! My name is Xeem Noor and I’ll be the new Arts Manager in Rimbun Dahan.

I’m a writer, ethnographer, researcher, artist and designer with degrees in Architecture and Fine Arts and currently pursuing my PhD in Anthropology in the Australian National University. Prior to starting my PhD, I worked as a lecturer and tutor in some architecture schools in Malaysia and as a writer for several architecture and design magazines. Taking on this mantle of Arts Manager is an exciting new adventure for me!

I’m interested in research on architectural pedagogy, phenomenology, visual culture, visual/ sensorial ethnography, ethnographic fiction, urban studies, and spaces and places. As an artist, I try to incorporate ideas of intersubjectivity, lifeworlds and structures in my work which consists of patterns, natural elements, abstract and geometric. I’m also interested in crafts (ie. embroidery, knitting, crochet) and journaling. You can see more of my personal works at my website and on my Instagram account.

For me, this is a leap onto a branch of the art world with an opportunity to engage with various artists and art communities through a prestigious and inspiring artist residency program. Not only does Rimbun Dahan offer ample inspiration for the artistic soul but it also provides the perfect space and environment for many interdisciplinary or cross-cultural collaborations and conversations to flourish. I’m honoured to be part of Rimbun Dahan and will give my utmost in assisting our resident artists to make the best of their stay as well as contribute to a wealth of connections in the art world. I hope to facilitate a smooth sailing residency period for the artists and may we be blessed with bountiful artistic endeavours both within and without the compounds of this beautiful space. You can reach me at



Job Opportunity: Part-Time Arts Manager

Job Vacancy for P/T Arts Manager at Rimbun Dahan

Rimbun Dahan offers various residencies (fully or partially sponsored or paid) to visual and performing artists, writers, researchers, and curators, with a special focus on those from Malaysia and Southeast Asia. The residencies vary in length depending on the artists’ needs. Rimbun Dahan also hosts short-term workshops, open day events, performances, and student visits, and is available to rent as a venue for events. Our focuses are arts, performance, architecture, and nature, in a Southeast Asian context.
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Overall Role

We are looking for a part time Arts Manager to coordinate the residency, arts, performance and outreach programs at Rimbun Dahan to ensure a lively and active series of residencies and events throughout the year. They will be in charge of handling internal and external communications and finances for all activities in Rimbun Dahan, as well as supervising an Assistant Arts Manager. Applicants must have strong interpersonal, management, and communication skills and the ability to juggle different responsibilities to maintain a vibrant, consistent, and active program and schedule throughout the year. We are looking for highly motivated and proactive applicants with a keen interest and/or familiarity with the local arts scene.

This position is based in Selangor Malaysia. We are looking for Malaysian applicants only.

Key Responsibilities

  • Selection of resident artists with the owners’ involvement, and communicating with artists from the application process through to undergoing the residency;
  • Scheduling and organizing social and arts events such as exhibitions, open day events, performances, showcases, and talks;
  • Hiring, training, and supervising a full-time Assistant Arts Manager, who will provide administrative and logistical support and work with the Arts Manager to ensure the arts, performance, and outreach programs run smoothly;
  • Marketing Rimbun Dahan as a venue for events rental;
  • Coordinating with the Dance Program Director and assisting where necessary;
  • Maintaining communications and relationships with external parties for collaborations, outreach and press;
  • Managing and recording finances for all Rimbun Dahan related activities;
  • Attending local arts events on behalf of Rimbun Dahan and accompanying RD resident artists to introduce them to galleries and people they may wish to meet;
  • Liaising with press and media as a representative of Rimbun Dahan;
  • Monitoring the underground gallery of visual arts works, and periodically changing the hang;
  • Maintaining the website, newsletter and Facebook page and keeping them up to date.

Qualification and Skill Set

  • Tertiary degree in arts or a related field is preferred
  • 2 – 3 years work/relevant experience preferred
  • Fluency in spoken and written English and Bahasa Malaysia
  • Strong interpersonal and writing skills for handling communications
  • Highly organized, detail oriented, and able to work with minimal supervision
  • Competent with computers and social media
  • Must be able and licensed to drive
  • Comfortable with dogs, as Rimbun Dahan has guard dogs on-site.

What We Offer

  • Salary depends on qualifications and experience, but starts from RM3,000
  • An additional car allowance is negotiable
  • Flexible work hours. The manager is required to be on site at Rimbun Dahan three days a week and timing is flexible – ideally 10AM to 6PM
  • A chance to engage more deeply with and make connections within the Malaysian arts scene

Interested applicants should send a cover letter and CV to (Ms) Bilqis Hijjas at Position starts 1 February 2018.

Download this job vacancy notice as PDF here: Rimbun Dahan PT Arts Manager Job Description