Daniel Bear Davis

Daniel Bear Davis



DANIEL BEAR DAVIS has taught composition, contact improvisation, and Axis Syllabus internationally in Estonia, Finland, Greece, Spain, Germany, Denmark and Mexico. His work prioritizes content over genre, weaving text, dance, video, music and new media without hesitation. He considers all work to be site and context-specific and is interested in mobilizing audience agency through interaction and unconventional use of space. His work has been presented at the Imagining Bodies Symposium in Tallin, Estonia, the San Francisco International Arts Festial, SoWat Now Contemporary Performance Festival, and Looking Left Festival in California, and at the SEEDS Festival and E|MERGE Residency at Earthdance Center, MA. He has performed in theaters, on submarines, desert rocks, construction scaffolding, and art galleries. He’s made pieces about dementia, gender, war, heritage, identity. He cares about image, awe, and beauty. In creating a wide and rich acceptance of what it is to be human in a more-than-human world.

Daniel has been blessed with opportunities to perform with Nita Little, Nancy Stark Smith, Live Art Installations, Felix Ruckert, Kira Kirsch, Erika Tsimbrovsky, Scott Wells, Krista DeNio and many other inspiring body/minds.

(Time)(Place)(Body): a site-specific dance workshop

Join us for a week long excavation of image and movement in time, place and body. We will engage various approaches to body-based performance in relation to site and context. We will compose, de-compose, and re-compose an ever shifting relation to self, other, and environment.

This interdisciplinary performance workshop will combine movement training based in Axis-Syllabus, contact improvisation, butoh and other somatic awareness approaches with compositional tools from Viewpoints, Moment Work, and Performance Collage to create original choreographed and improvised performances in relation to site. The beautiful artist residency center, Rimbun Dahan, offers countless natural and cultivated environments to frame, support, complicate, and shape our work.

The workshop will end with an informal public showing of solo and group material we would have created over the course of the week.

All levels are welcomed – contact dancers, contemporary dancers, performance artists or dancers interested in site-specific, interdisciplinary or installation work.


DATES: 19 January to 24 January 2016
TIMES: 10 am to 6 pm daily (witth a day off on the 22nd)
VENUE: Rimbun Dahan, Kuang, Malaysia

Malaysian* participants (with accommodation): RM550
Malaysian* participants (without accommodation): RM450
Non-Malaysian participants (includes accommodation): RM850

The first five MyDance members who register get an RM100 discount!

* “Malaysian” refers to Malaysian citizens based in Malaysia.

To register, send an email to david.lim@mydancealliance.org.


(Time)(Place)(Body): a site-specific dance workshop is organized by David Lim and supported by MyDance Alliance and Rimbun Dahan.

Check the Facebook event page for updated info…

One-Day Butoh Workshop by Yukio Waguri

One-Day Butoh Workshop by Yukio Waguri

Yukio-WaguriThis one-day workshop introduces Butoh Fu or Butoh Notation, based on the Hijikata method created by Tatsumi Hijikata, one of the founders of Butoh and is taught by butoh master Yukio Waguri.

Time: 10am – 5pm, with a break for lunch
Date: Wednesday 30 January 2013
Venue: The Dance Studio at Rimbun Dahan
Fees: RM100 per person (limited to 20 participants), open to MyDance Alliance members only and by registration only.

About the Workshop

This workshop investigates the relationship between dance, the body, and possession. It trains the student to explore the importance of walking in Butoh, the physical body as a medium, a person who passes through, what is craziness, the crisis of the mind and the body, and the philosophies of Butoh. From the workshop, the students will investigate the power of transformation as a fundamental element of Butoh, also exploring the different body conditions from heaviness to lightness, from compression to expansion, and the relationship between space and time that is made by the body’s condition.

About Yukio Waguri

Born in Tokyo in 1952, Yukio Waguri was the disciple and main male dancer at Tatsumi Hijikata’s Asbestos-kan during 1972-1978. From this period he kept notes of the words Hijikata spoke while choreographing. These words are called “Butoh-fu”, a unique method for choreography. Waguri has made his own interpretation of these words and continues to use them as a method for his own choreographies and teaching. Over the past 34 years he has taught and choreographed around the world. He is the Artistic Director of the Kohzensha Butoh Company. When choreographing and teaching, his focus is on transforming oneself to become imagery rather than depicting this through movement. His rigid and flexible body, a good sharpness of beautiful model, and delicacy nuance, is able to express his dance delicately. The variety of the dance, mainly based on the change of the subject, shows the possibilities of the future of dance. In addition, to the physical imagery roused through attention to the words of the unique Butoh Fu Hijikata lineage, Waguri also concentrates on collaborations with the artist in other genres.

In 1998, Waguri published the CD-ROM of Butoh Kaden, which has been viewed worldwide and has received much interest from butoh dance scholars and practitioners as it unveils the essence of Hijikata’s Butoh notation and choreographic methods, and provides an opportunity to reevaluate Hijikata’s method.

Register for the Workshop

Individuals may join MyDance Alliance on the day of the workshop at the venue. Membership for MyDance Alliance is RM 50 regular, and RM 20 student, for one year, and entitles you to free entrance to Dancebox events, discounts to workshops and performances and other benefits. For more information about membership, see http://www.mydancealliance.org/become-a-member.html

To register, please send your name, age, email address and telephone number to contact@mydancealliance.org or +6017 310 3769.
This workshop is hosted by Soubi Sha and organised by MyDance Alliance.

Want even more from Yukio Waguri?

Check out the 21-hour workshop also taking place in January 2013, organised and hosted by Soubi Sha. More info here.

Contemporary Mask Workshop by Agung Gunawan

Contemporary Mask Workshop by Agung Gunawan


On Saturday 26 May 2012, MyDance Alliance in collaboration with Nyoba Kan presented a workshop at Rimbun Dahan by visiting Indonesian dancer and choreographer Agung Gunawan.

For three hours, Agung led a group of 15 dancers through various elements of his artistic practice. He started with a rough and ready taster of tarian topeng klono, a mask dance from the royal court of Jogjakarta. He then encouraged the participants to get to know their own masks, in a series of exercises involving looking at the mask, feeling the mask on the face, free movement and moving while focusing upon the mask.

The workshop culminated in a group improvisation with all the masked participants exploring their own and each other’s developing characters, before a final wild return to the tarian topeng klono. As a finale, Agung performed the tarian topeng klono wearing his mask, to the delight of the group whose appreciation had deepened through their brief encounter with the art form.

For more images of the workshop, see the album on Rimbun Dahan’s Facebook page:

About Agung Gunawan

Agung Gunawan was born in 1971 in Klaten, Central Java. After graduation from the High School of Arts in Yogyakarta, he continued studies of Yogyakarta classical dance in Surya Kencana and at the Kraton (Palace) where he continues to perform. He studied Sumatranese, Betawian and Kalimantan dance with Bagong Kusudiharjo and contemporary dance with M. Miroto. He is presently Assistant Choreographer of the Miroto Dance Company and has toured with them in Holland, Belgium, Germany Africa and of course Indonesia. He has performed with other groups in USA, Romania, Italy, South Korea, Australia and Japan. He is actively involved in contemporary music and has also choreographed for movies. Agung is director of Manisrenggo Culture Festival and he is also conceptual director of The Arts Island Festival which tours through Java and Bali.

T.H.E. Dance Company

T.H.E. Dance Company from Singapore enjoyed a short residency at Rimbun Dahan in January 2012, rehearsing new works for premieres. During their residency, artistic director Kuik Swee Boon and T.H.E. Dancers conducted a workshop in the Dance Department at ASWARA, and generously included Malaysian dancers in their daily company class. Malaysian tai chee master Tangkok Lee was invited to teach occasional company class during the company’s residency.

Dancing to Connect

Dancing to Connect

‘Dancing to Connect’ is a five-day dance workshop program that Battery Dance Company, New York, has been introducing all around the world as a mean to provide teenagers with the tools for getting in touch with the dancer within and choreographing their own performances. It aims to engage international youth in creativity and team building through the American art form of modern dance. DtC was launched in Europe in 2006, Asia in 2008 and Africa in 2009.

At the end of September 2011, five teams of teachers combining members of Battery Dance Company and dance students fom Malaysia’s national arts academy ASWARA ran Dancing to Connect workshops in Malaysia. One of these teams was centered at Rimbun Dahan, and was attended by students from Harvest School in Sentul and Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tuanku Abdul Rahman in Batu Arang.

The students from Harvest School stayed in accommodation at Rimbun Dahan, accompanied by Jade Ong from Lotuspond Outreach. Led by Bafana Matea of Battery Dance Company, and Murni Omar from ASWARA, the students rehearsed for six hours every day to prepare for their final showcase performance which took place at Mong Kiara International School.

Support for Battery Dance Company and for meals for the Dancing to Connect participants was provided by the American Embassy, Kuala Lumpur.

Yumi Umiumare

Yumi Umiumare

Australian-based Japanese choreographer/performer Yumi Umiumare undertook a short residency at Rimbun Dahan in 2010, working with and mentoring performer Natalie Kim Kyungmi, towards a solo work for the Melaka Art+Performance Festival. Yumi also conducted a workshop on 21 November 2010 at The Annexe Central Market. 

Yumi is at the forefront of Butoh fusion in Australia, with work across genres, including ‘Butoh Cabaret’. She works internationally and performed first in  Australia in the early 90’s with Tokyo Butoh company DaiRakudakan. She has had  a commitment to teaching and mentoring for over a decade, initiating with Tony Yap the Beyond Butoh series of annual showings in Melbourne.

Go to the artist’s website: www.yumi.com.au

Youth Dance Workshops by Elaine Pedley

Youth Dance Workshops by Elaine Pedley

Elaine2_medDiajar oleh Elaine Pedley

Bengkel dan persembahan akan diadakan di Bilik Tari, Rimbun Dahan, Km 27 Jalan Kuang, Kuang, Selangor 48050.

Tarikh bengkel:

  • Ahad 1hb Ogos, 10 pagi – 12 tengah hari
  • Sabut 7 Ogos, 10 pagi – 2.30 petang (makan tengah hari akan dihidangkan)

Tarikh persembahan kepada orang ramai:

  • Sabtu 7 Ogos, kira-kira 5.45 petang
  • Ahad 8 Ogos, kira-kira 5.45 petang


  • Untuk peserta lelaki atau perempuan berumur 11-16 tahun sahaja, dari kawasan Sungai Buloh/Kuang
  • Peserta diminta hadir untuk kedua-dua sesi bengkel dan kedua-dua persembahan
  • Bengkel ini tidak memerlukan kebolehan tari atau pengalaman menari, hanya keminatan.
  • Peserta-peserta diminta memakai pakaian sukan dan membawa botol air sendiri.

Semasa bengkel ini, Elaine Pedley akan memperkenalkan beberapa kaedah untuk mencipta tarian moden sekumpulan. Selepas tamatnya bengkel ini, peserta-peserta akan mempersembahkan tarian yang telah direka kepada orang ramai, sebagai sebuah acara untuk pesta tari Dancing in Place yang akan dijalankan di Rimbun Dahan pada hari Sabtu & Ahad 7 & 8 Ogos.

Untuk sebarang pertanyaan tolong hubungi Bilqis Hijjas, Pengarah Program Tari di Rimbun Dahan: 017 310 3769 atau bhijjas@gmail.com

Elaine Pedley telah bekerja di dalam bidang tari dan lakonan selama dua puluh tahun, di dalam persembahan teater sepertiFamily (di Berlin Arts Festival 1999 di Jerman), Manchester United and the Malay Warrior (di Manchester, semasa Pesta Budaya Sukan Komanwel 2002), Spring in Kuala Lumpur (sebuah kolaborasi bersama kumpulan teater Jepun Pappa Tarahumara), Spilt Gravy on Rice (yang telah memenangi Lakonan Terbaik dalam Anugerah Seni BOH Cameronian) danBunga Manggar Bunga Raya yang telah direka oleh Datin Marion D’Cruz.

Elaine pernah juga bekerja di dalam industri filem, dengan lakonan untuk filem, televisyen, siri VCD, serta bekerja sebagai pelakon dan ahli koreografi untuk iklan siaran televisyen. Beliau telah bekerja sebagai ahli koreografi dan perunding persembahan untuk beberapa peraduan fitness seperti Miss Malaysia Fitness 2004, Miss Asia Pacific Woman Fitness 2004 championships, International Fitness Women’s Championships 2005 dan Fitkid International Championships 2007.

Pengalaman teaternya telah membawa Elaine ke Paris, Cannes, Noumea, Beijing, Shanghai, Berlin, Manchester, Bangalore, Singapore dan Bali. Beliau telah juga dilantik sebagai calon untuk beberapa anugerah di dalam Anugerah Seni BOH Cameronian, termasuk Pelakon Terbaik (2007 & 2009) dan Persembahan Kumpulan Terbaik di dalam bidang teater dan tari (2008 & 2010), dan beliau telah berjaya menang anugerah Kumpulan Tari Terbaik pada tahun 2002.

One Day of Workshops by Karen Lacey

One Day of Workshops by Karen Lacey

karenAnother day of dance at Rimbun Dahan, this time with British dance teacher Karen Lacey.

Still trying to nail those fouettes? Don’t know your layout from your lying down? Or just want to hone the skills you have and learn some slick sassy new repertoire while you’re at it?

10 – 10.30 — Registration and warmup
10.30 – 11.45 am — Contemporary class
11.45 – 1 pm — Contemporary repertoire
1 – 2 pm — lunch
2 – 3.15pm — Jazz class
3.15 – 4.30pm — Jazz repertoire

Price: RM 50 for whole day, RM 30 for either morning or afternoon session, lunch included.

For intermediate to advanced dancers, aged 14 and above.

Places are limited. To register, please contact Bilqis at bhijjas@gmail.com or 017 310 3769, with your name, age, email address, phone number and dietary restrictions, if any.


Karen is the Artistic Director for professional group RE-Creation UK www.myspace.com/re_creationuk which has received national and International acclaim. She has been awarded various choreography awards for her Jazz, Musical Theatre and Fusion styles, including Champion Place for Contemporary at the Tuscany International Dance Festival and Artistic Direction award at the Barcelona International Dance Festival this year. Her choreography has been seen in the commercial world for clients such as the BBC, Ribena, Pearsons Publishers and Italian television.

After completing her BA Hons in Performing Arts – Dance in 2002, Karen started work as manager for the Beverly Marks Stage School, where she is responsible for the coordination of the school’s competitive events calendar and choreography for the teams, director of the bi-annual shows performed at local professional theatres and the teaching of Jazz, Contemporary and Dance Technique.

Karen’s skills are ensuring strong basic technique is in place for all her students and then working with the varying strengths of each individual group to create exciting, interesting choreography that both the performers and audience can engage in and fitting the brief for the competitive floor, theatrical performance or television.

Dance Day 2009

Dance Day 2009

Photo by Amir Hon.

Ever seen dancers do something fantastic and fun on stage and think, “I want to do that!”? Well now you can!

For the third year running, Rimbun Dahan, in partnership with MyDance Alliance, hosted a day of dance workshops at Rimbun Dahan on the Labour Day holiday, to celebrate International Dance Day.

This year, our line up of local choreographers taught workshops with excerpts from their own exciting choreography, just like you saw it on stage!

9.30am to 5.15pm, Friday 1 May (public holiday for Labor Day).
Rimbun Dahan, Km 27 Jalan Kuang, Kuang, 48050 Selangor.

RM 50 per person for the whole day, lunch included. RM 30 for MyDance Alliance members (Join on the day! Membership for MyDance is RM 20 for students, RM for ordinary members)

Limited to 25 people, intermediate to advanced dancers only.

Schedule for Dance Day ’09

9am — Arrival, registration and warm-up

9.30-11am — Suhaili Ahmad Kamil, finalist of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Season 1 and lecturer at ASWARA, guided the group through the delicate zen-like work of Australian-Chinese choreographer Feng Feng Wang, whose work Suhaili performed in Australia last year.

11.15-12.45 — Azwa, hit choreographer of Malay contemporary dance in ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, got those muscles working with a silat-inspired contemporary routine.

12.45-2pm — Lunch break (food provided).

2-3.30pm — Suhaili introduced the crowd to the challenges of her new work ‘2=1’, which was nominated for Best Choreography in a Mixed Bill for the 2008 BOH Cameronian Arts Awards.

3.45-5.15pm — Naim Syahrazad, emerging darling of the ASWARA dance scene, got the group down to the floor and up again with the knock-out finale from ‘Line’, his group work which enjoyed a gala presentation at KLPac in January 2009.

Al Seed

Al Seed

From 16 to 21 September 2008, British physical theatre artist Al Seed conducted an intensive workshop for actors and dancers interested in exploring physical theatre.

Al Seed giving feedback during the workshop.

Al Seed giving feedback during the workshop.

Al Seed is the Artist in Residence at The Byre Theatre, St. Andrews, and a Creative Associate of The Arches, Glasgow. He also works as a free-lance performer, writer and director and hosts master-classes in a range of disciplines.

Al received an M.A. in Theatre, Film & Television from the University of Glasgow before studying Physical Theatre and Contemporary Circus Skills at Circomedia, Bristol. He now creates both solo and collaborative works of theatre drawing on a variety of physical disciplines including clown, buffoon and mask-work and often combines the use of these disciplines ith original text.

Al is an award-winning artist who performances have toured in Europe, and he also has acted extensively for film and television. For more information, see his website http://www.alseed.net/.

Physical Theatre Workshop with Al Seed & Lina Limosani

From 16 to 21 September, British physical theatre artist Al Seed conducted an intensive workshop for actors and dancers interested in exploring physical theatre.

Al was invited to Rimbun Dahan by Australian resident choreographer Lina Limosani, to help her lay the foundations for her new contemporary dancework to be performed in Malaysia in December 2008. A number of the workshop participants will perform in the work.

Eight participants — Low Shee Hoe, Grace Ng, David Lim, Elaine Pedley, Suhaili Micheline bt Ahmad Kamil, Shirley Ng, Mcebisi Bhayi, Lee Hui Ling and Teresa Chian — spent long hours in the Dance Studio at Rimbun Dahan with Al and Lina working with masks and costumes, concentrating on rhythmic isolations, developing movements for inhuman creature characters, and being introduced to the painful and confronting truths of clown work.


Above: First day, taking creature work out into the garden. The task: reacting to every sound.

Below: The last day, creature work with self-made costumes in the dance studio, exploring what a costume wants to do.