Dancing in Place 2009

Banner_verticalDraped around trees. Crawling through sculptures. Underwater. Underground?

Experience contemporary dance as you’ve never seen it before!

In the midst of a 14-acre indigenous Malaysian garden, and in the shade of contemporary and traditional architecture, seven emerging choreographers will present a collection of site-specific contemporary dance works.

In conjunction with the Art for Nature visual art exhibition, whose theme this year is Tanah Air, these works will lure us to unusual venues, or challenges us to view familiar places in new ways. Chance and circumstance — the weather, quality of light, ambient noise, mood of the crowd — will shape our experience.

Date: Saturday & Sunday, 23 & 24 May, 4-7pm
Venue: In and around the gardens and architecture of Rimbun Dahan, Km. 27 Jln Kuang, Kuang, Selangor.
Free Entrance

Photos on this page by Antradika Hamzah, Hafiz Hamdan, Bilqis Hijjas and Lee Wey Jiun.

1. Octagon in the Round
Informed by environment, this solo will be created and danced simultaneously. One body will move in response to current experiences of space, sound, architecture, audience, movement and texture, thus constructing a solo in and of the present moment.

Performed by Angela Goh, Rimbun Dahan resident choreographer.

2. Orpheus X
When Orpheus’ wife Eurydice was killed by the bite of a serpent, he went down to the underworld to bring her back. His songs were so beautiful that Hades finally agreed to allow Eurydice to return to the world of the living, under one condition: Orpheus must not look back as he was conducting her to the surface. Just before the pair reached the upper world, Orpheus looked back, and Eurydice slipped back into the netherworld once again. One last word — “Farewell…” — then she was gone forever.

Choreographed by Low Shee Hoe.
Performed by Khor Beng Hooi, Kyo Hong Xi Fan, Lee Wey Jiun, Lian Bee Ngo, Saw Li Wai, Stephanie Tan Lei Mooi and Woon Li Hwa from Charlie Tan Dance Theatre.

3. Can You Dance Better Than A Fourth Grader?
Ever thought you’d be challenged in dance by a 4th grader? Learn a quick sketch of steps from these young kids. Don’t be shy and clumsy as they will be impatient and
disappointed! Then the Cool Club shows you how it’s done, the weird, wacky teenagers keeping everything cool simply by ‘wassup-ing’ the environment.

Choreographed by Suhaili Micheline binti Ahmad Kamil.
Performed by Cheryl Soh, Erica Liew, Farah Sofea Nadzri, Falihah Asyiqin Nadzri, Wan Aiqha Liyana, Janice Yong, Siti Amellia, Teo May Jean, Ng Xin Ying, Ayu Azril Ali and Mohd Azizi Mansor.

4. Quintessence
In classical philosophy, four elements – air, fire, water, earth – explain the patterns of nature. The realm of human life makes a fifth.

Choreographed and performed by Rathimalar Govindarajoo.

5. House Awakening
What does a house see, when its shutters are open? Or hear, when they are closed?
Do houses sleep? Do houses dream?

Choreographed by Bilqis Hijjas.
Performed by Jojo Wong, Janice Yong, Regina Toyad, Jennifer Lai, and Yuka Tanaka.

6. Infantaneous
The spontaneous movements created and inspired by bebe and then some.

Performed by Elaine Pedley and Keeva Craig.
Music by Hardesh Singh.

7. Lompatan Cemerlang
Athletes shouldn’t have all the fun. Jom lompat!

Directed by Fahmi Fadzil.