Introduction to the Garden

The 14-acre garden at Rimbun Dahan is an attempt to develop a Malaysian style of landscaping using indigenous planting material from South East Asia.

Plant List

The botanical names, common names and brief descriptions of some of the plants found in the garden at Rimbun Dahan.

Wildlife List

Incomplete lists of notable wildlife observed at Rimbun Dahan with links to nature notes.

Nature Notes

Irregular updates on exciting encounters with the wild and cultivated flora and fauna at Rimbun Dahan.

Dragonfly photo by Akshay Sateesh.

Articles on the Environment

A collection of writings on contemporary landscape, gardening and conservation by Angela Hijjas’ for the MNS magazine and to various newspapers.

Turtle Hatchery

Angela Hijjas has opened a hatchery for endangered marine turtles on the beach site of the new resort hotel in Chendor, Pahang, north of Cherating.