Articles on the Environment


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Letters to the Editor

  • Unsustainable Logging of Temengor Lags Behind International Precedent (15 August 2006)
  • Could Forests Worsen Global Warming? (The Sunday Star, 15 January 2006)
  • Proposal to Transform Paya Indah into Illegally-Traded Protected Species Sanctuary (The Star, 1 March 2005)
  • Protecting the Environment Strengthens our Culture
  • Crisis in Captive Breeding for Sumatran Rhinos

Articles for The Malaysian Naturalist

These articles were written by Angela Hijjas for The Malaysian Naturalist, the magazine of the Malaysian Nature Society.

  • A Gardener
  • Gardening in the Forest
  • Conservation for Children
  • A Tropical Fragrant Garden
  • Garden Colour
  • Neo-Colonisation
  • Palms
  • Tropical Water
  • The Interactive Garden
  • Plant Indigenous
  • A Sense of Place in the Landscape
  • Transitional Landscapes
  • The Gardening Lifeline
  • Sustainable Architecture
  • The World’s Largest Garden Gnome
    vol. 52 no. 3
  • Gardening’s Current Affairs
    vol. 52 no. 1
  • Taman Sari
    vol. 51 no. 2