Faizal Yunus

Faizal Yunus (b.1989, Malaysia) is a Malaysian based artist who works mainly in printmaking, painting and installation. He graduated in Bachelor of Fine Arts from Mara University of Technology (UiTM) in 2012 majoring in printmaking. Faizal has been drawn towards nature as he grew up in such a surrounding that has helped him nurture his imagination and interpretation of the greenery around him. Autonomy has driven him to believe that an egalitarian society is vital which is where he adapts to the banal practices of everyday life into his abstract print paintings. He draws inspiration from nature, a familiar landscape of lush greenery from where all his imagination had began. He explores alternative print language outside the limitation of printmaking studio by expanding his ideations and limitations through various printmaking techniques and processes.

In his first solo exhibition Matrix, circa 2016 he started looking into his daily life essentials and gathering objects surrounding him for ideas and inspiration as he found limitations in available facilities and easily gathered materials. He felt that by using the objects that so much so associates with a layman’s daily routine, he could create artworks with a heightened sense of desolation in his own narrative. That is how he preempts life to be based on the things that are happening around him. The process of reiterating his thoughts and reflections into his artwork depicts his personality as well as his conviction on the way life looks around him. His solo exhibition – Vortex 2018, revolved around a journey of finding different perspectives and causes of the actions he chooses to make. He believes it is a journey where he unravels the truth where he challenges his capabilities to explore within his reach. Vortex is his poetic statement on the current state of pollution and our role in undoing the beauty of our landscape.

Joining Rimbun Dahan would help me immerse myself in nature. When I’m one with nature, I believe I can uproot my thoughts into my abstract print paintings.

Faizal will be at Rimbun Dahan as a resident artist from mid Oct to end of Nov 2018, via a collaboration with Richard Koh Fine Art. You can check out more of his works at his website.