Family Annonaceae

Orophea maculata


Shrub or small tree, 8 of 60 spp in Malaya. This sp endemic, in Perak, Pahang & Selangor. Leaves abruptly narrow from middle to base.

Fr TH 6.2012.

Polyalthia glauca

mempisang paya

Malesia. Rare but widespread, usually in swamp forest. Leaves glaucous below, midrib sunk on upper surface. Fragrant flowers in clusters on tubercles. Polyalthia: many cures. TH 6.2012.

Polyalthia rumphii


W Malesia, all states exc Perlis & Penang. Tree
to 20m. Closely related to P. jenkensii. Leaves to
20cm. 1 fr TH 11.09.

Polyalthia rumphii.
Polyalthia stenopetala

One of the largest genera, with over 100 spp. thru old world tropics and centred in SEAsia, 28 spp from Malaya, more to describe. Occur thru Malaya in lowland forests in understory as small trees or shrubs. Leaves glabrous with simple hairs. This sp. common except in Perlis and Penang.

Stelechocarpus cauliflorus


Siam, Malaya, Sumatra. W coast & Pahang, rare. Lowland forest. To 15m. Leaf midrib raised above; flowers cluster on trunk or old branches behind leaves. Brown fruit ovoid, dispersed by animals.

Stelechocarpus cauliflorus.
Xylopia ferruginea

jangkang bukit

Siam, Borneo, Sumatra. Common all states
exc Penang & Perlis. To 25m, fruits numerous,
elongate, cylindric, like a string of beads with
longitudinal folds when dry. 1 from TH 11/09.