Family Burseraceae

Canarium littorale
kedondong bulanSumatra, Indo-China, Borneo, Java. Commonest Canarium from all states.
Up to 40m and 2m girth. Bark grey green to yellowish brown, dippled
and scaly, many small lenticles.


Dacryodes kingii


Throughout Malaya, common, endemic. Small tree or large shrub in lowland and hill Dipterocarp forest. Name from Greek, dakruon, a tear, referring to resin droplets on bark surface. Located NW of Bulatan Plong.

Dacryodes rostrata
kedondong kerutIndo-china, Indonesia. All states exc. Kelantan. 12 spp. in Malaya,
in lowland and hill Dipterocarp forests, & swamp. Large tree w/small
buttresses. Leaf rachis strongly swollen at junction with leaf stalk;
flowers Mar-Oct, fruits Sep-Mar. Leaflets rigidly papery.