Family Calophyllaceae

Calophyllum curtisii
bintangor bungaLarge genus mostly tropical Asia to Pacific; in Malaya 45 spp. Canopy,
but not emergent, and mostly slim girth. This sp. common throughout
Malaya except Perlis, on hillsides and ridges.
Calophyllum floribundum
Large genus of more than 120 species; mostly in tropical Asia. This
one is common throughout Malay and Borneo.
Calophyllum inophyllum
bintangor lautBig tree, massive girth, often leaning, branching low. Rocky and sandy
coasts, widespread, a member of the Indo Pacific strand flora, ranging
from India to Fiji.
Calophyllum macrocarpum
Large genus mostly tropical Asia to Pacific; in Malaya 45 spp. Throughout
Malaya, commonest in centre. Borneo. This sp. v. big, to 45m and 5m
girth, no buttresses. Squirrels eat the large, ellipsoid- ovoid, juicy
& fragrant fruit.

Calophyllum-retusumCalophyllum retusum

bintangor gambutEndemic, Pahang, Selangor, southwards. Peat and fresh water swamp forest. Big tree to 50m, no buttresses, leaf stalk long & slender, midrib narrowly channeled at base above, prominent below.Calophyllum-retusum2

Calophyllum-sclerophyllumCalophyllum sclerophyllum

bintangor jangkangMalaya, Borneo. Coastal, Trengganu to Johor; these from Pekan FR. Big tree, often w/stilt roots, twigs stout 4 angles, leaf stalk dries black, very leathery.
Calophyllum sp.
Large genus of 120 spp, most in tropical Asia to Pacific, 45 in Malaya, this one not yet described. Leaves distinctly stalked, fruit a drupe. 3 new specimens Dec 2007.
Mesua-grandisKayea grandis (previously Mesua grandis)
penaga bayan, penaga
Borneo. Trengganu, Perak southwards. To 33m, but flowers at 3m. Bark
smooth becomes cracked and fissured, ridges adherent scaly. Flowers
tight terminal clusters. Fruit in 4 thin woody sepals.


Mesua-lepidota2Kayea lepidota (previously Mesua lepidota)
penaga bayan, penaga
Sumatra, Malaya (exc. north). Lowland. Small, to 20m, bole fluted
at butt, bark adherent scaly, sometimes dippled. Flowers in axillary
and terminal umbels, black woody fruits. Stout leaf stalk, to 5mm

2 new specimens June 2008.

Mesua ferrea
SW India to peninsula Siam. Throughout Malaya, but rare south of NS. To 24 m, 4m grith. Common and sometimes gregarious, on thin well drained soil. Bole fluted at butt. Leaves elliptic (6-12cm long) tapered to apex and base. White flowers fragrant, showy to 9cm across. Fruits ellipsoid, slightly beaked.Mesua-ferrea

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