Family Clusiaceae

GarciniaatroviridisGarcinia atroviridis
assam gelugorMalay peninsula, Burma. Edible fruit, dried segments used as condiment. Leaf sap used in post natal tonics.

Garcinia-cowa Garcinia-cowa_leaf
Garcinia cowa

NW India to Malaya. Slender tree to 30m, common in low undulating country. Young red leaves edible, fruits ripening dull orange yellow, seeds embedded in pale orange pulp.

Garcinia hombronianaGarcinia-hombroniana
bruasAround Malayan coast and islands up to a few miles inland. Inland
in lowland Kedah, Ulu Perak & Pahang, and in lower montane forest
in Frasers Hill, Cameron Highlands.
Garcinia-nervosaGarcinia nervosa
kandisMalaya, Sumatra, Rhiau, Borneo, Philippines. Scattered in Malaya,
uncommon. Flowers in big clusters, fruit pear to round, seeds red
with thin white flesh. ‘By far the noblest species of the genus’,
J.D. Hooker.
Garcinia-parvifolia Garcinia-parvifolia2

Garcinia parvifolia

Malaya, Sumatra, Borneo. Sm – med, monopodial, dense, leaves without
stipules. Saplings often w/ linear leaves unlike adult form. Lat.
small leaf. Fruit round-elongate, ungrooved, sm. seeds embedded in
much pulp. Common.

Garcinia-prainianaGarcinia prainiana
cherupu, kechupu,
Sm. tree to 10m, crown narrow, dense, bushy. Scattered and uncommon
in lowland forest south to NS. Sometimes cult., fruits yearly. Fruit
4cm across, bun like, smooth ripening yellow. Seeds embedded in sweet
or sour pale orange pulp.