Family Combretaceae

Terminalia catappa
jelawai ketapang

Rocky and sandy coasts all round Malaya. Tropical Asia to N. Australia
and Pacific. Up to 30m. Leaves crowded at end of twigs, spiral, brilliant
red before falling twice a year, fruits ripen yellow with inner corky
wall for flotation.

Terminalia-calamansenaiTerminalia calamansanay
jelawai mentalun

Indo-china, Siam, Burma, Malesia, Solomons. Common in Kedah and Langkawi. Large trees to 30m, flat topped crown, bole frequently fluted, buttresses tall, thin, spreading. Flowers sessile, cream on hairy spikes. Fruits two winged.

Terminalia subspathulata

From Perak south, big tree, tall spreading buttresses, small leaf blade obovate & bluntly tipped. Fruit flat, spindle shaped and winged.

Terminalia-subspathulata Terminalia-subspathulata-le