Family Dilleniaceae

Dillenia grandifolia


Ten species in Malaya. Cut wood hisses loudly, twigs leave prominent
horse-shoe shaped leaf scars. Large tree, deciduous after dry weather,
buttresses merge into stilts. Flowers without petals. All states but
Perlis. Sumatra, Borneo.

Dillenia-grandifolia-2 Dillenia-grandifolia-trunk



Dillenia philippinensis


Philippines. (J.J. Dillenius, 1684-1747, German botanist, professor
at Oxford). Flowers large, solitary, petals falling first day, fruit
covered by thick fleshy edible sepals that make cough syrup &
shampoo. Bark yields a red dye.

Dillenia reticulata
simpoh gajahMalaya, Sumatra, Borneo. To 40m ht & 3m girth. Flowers, 7cm, at
end of leafless twig or with new leaves, petals yellow. Leaf base
broadly tapering to round or heart shaped; 16-45 prs secondary nerves
& fine tertiary network, raised on under surface, covered with
velvety hairs.


Dillenia suffruticosa
simpoh airLarge evergreen shrub to 7m, often forming thickets. Common in secondary
forests, esp. swampy ground, most in south. Flowers continuously,
each open for just a day. Fruit ripe in 36 days.
Dillenia suffruticosa

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Dillenia sp.


Ten species in Malaya. Bark rich orange brown, large white flowers,
edible fruits, dispersed by elephants or water. From India to W. Malesia,
often near streams.