Family Euphorbiaceae

Botryophora geniculata
Gapis miang / putat miang
Burma, Siam, Malaya, Sumatra, Borneo.
Perak, Kelantan, Selangor, Pahang, Johor.
Small tree to 12m. No close relatives peculiar stamens, leaves like Sterculaiceae. Fruit woody capsule. Packed tight in dense mass.
From Tunas Harapan 11.09
Croton argyratus
Burma to Moluku. A remarkable genus in Malaya w/ common species and
others v. rare endemics. Tree to 18m, common through Malaya. Similar
to balek angin, but not scurfy. (The widely cultivated garden ‘Croton’
is Codiaeum variegatum.)
Drypetes pendula
lidah lidah
Lat. hanging, leafy branches. Common in Malaya, low undulating land.
Monopodial tree to 20m, 1m girth, deep dark pyramidal crown, leafy
branches drooping, sinuous. Leaves lying flat, spirally attached,
young in purple red tassels.
Elateriospermum tapos
Malay peninsula, Sumatra, Borneo. Copious white sticky latex in bark,
leaves and fruit stalks. Long slender leaf stalk kneed at top. Bark
sloughs to leave scroll-marks. Crown deeply conical, briefly deciduous.
Young leaves bright red, in flushes. Edible seeds induce dizziness.
Emblica officinalis
SE Asia, frequent in villages and lowland forest. Cooked fruits eaten
as a sour relish. Bark is used for tanning and dyeing. Leaves, roots
and raw fruits are medicinal & rich in vitamin C. Slow growing
to 20 m. Burkill states the name of the river and town is believed
to have come from this tree & that origin is Sanskrit.
Pimelodendron griffithianum
perah ikan

Malaya, Borneo. Common in all states exc Perlis, Kedah and Penang. Locally abundant as in Bt. Lagong FR. To 21 m, leaves crowded at twig tips, oblong obovate suddenly narrow to protruding tip. Yellow flowers on racemes crowded on twigs behind leaves. Fruits round to 5cm, shiny green, ripening yellow, at first tipped by persistent style.