Family Gentianaceae

Fagraea crenulata
malaberaW. coast, in swampy ground. Med tree to 23m, 1.5m girth, crown big
leafed, open, flat topped with stiff spreading branches. Minutely
toothed leaves. Terminal inflorescence, cream flowers, corolla thick,
stamens not projecting from tube.
Fagraea fragrans
tembusu padangLwr. Burma, Malesia to New Guinea. In open and swampy lowlands. To
30m, terminalia branches have upturned ends. Irregular fissured bark.
Fine leafed crown, conical when young. White fragrant flowers 4 months
after dry season, then red berries, seeds dispersed by bats.
Fagraea racemosakopi kopi

Malesia to northern Australia, Solomon Islands. Shrub to small tree, or straggling climber. Frequent in secondary forests, sometimes in wet places.