Family Hamamelidaceae

Maingaya malayana

Named for A.C. Maingay (1836-69) sometime gaoler at Malacca.
Endemic to Penang Hill, Perak (Gg. Bubu) to elev. 600m., only 10 collections, all 19th century except one in 1971. Leaves entire, pinnately nerved; flowers bisexual, dense round yellow heads.

This specimen from Mr. H. Barlow, c. 1995.

Rhodoleia championii


Large shrub/tree to 20m. Showy flower heads, to
15mm across, red petals; fruit to 2cm. Malaya,
esp lowlands of Selangor, on quartz dykes at
Klang Gates. Attracts birds & bees. 1 fr TH 11.09.