Family Lauraceae

Actinodaphne macrophylla
medang payong
Malayan lowland to mountain forests; very common at Frasers Hill.
Java. Twigs reddish brown hairs, leaves in whorls of 6-12, reddish
brown hairy below.

Actinodaphne sesquipedalis
medang paying, pedalis
Tenasserim to Borneo. Widely found thru Malaya. Leaf under yellowish brown hairy, apex usually pointed. Fruits poisonous? 1 from Elango 6/08.

Actinodaphne sesquipedalis.

Cinnamomum mollissium

medang wangi
Endemic, common, except in Kedah and Perlis. All species have aromatic
crushed leaves, this one distinguished by hairy leaves and twigs.

Cinnamomum verum
kayu manis, cinnamon
India. Cooking spice. Roots treat rheumatism and fever. Tree bark
used in many medicinal powders and tinctures, tonics for diarrhea
and colic.
Litsea castanea
About 400spp., thru tropics, except Africa. In Malaya, 54 spp. Sumatra,
Borneo, Java. Common in Kota Baru and widely distributed. Tall tree,
to 33m, bole with spreading thin buttresses to 1m ht. frequently coppiced
for for construction material. Bark reddish, smooth with horizontal
rings. Large leaves, completely deciduous in the north.

New.Litsea myristicaefolia
medang asam, medang baros, medang kelaya
Widely distributed from mountain to lowland
forests, Burma to Singapore. Leaves alternate,
spirally arranged, midrib sunken above. Flower
clusters from leaf axils, fruits 1cm globose white
with green perianth cup. 1 fr TH 11.09

Litsea robusta
About 400spp., thru the tropics except Africa. In Malaya, 54 spp.
Burma, Java. Tall, to 36m, bark fawn smooth w/many corky lenticels.
Leaves spirally arranged, uncommon, on low hills by streams. Acorn
hemisphere, green ripening blue.

Litsea sp.Litsea sp.
2 new specimens June 2008.

Litsea sp stipule.