Family Melastomataceae

Melastoma malabathricum
sendudukMadagascar, India to Australia. Common in open places, always flowering. Species very variable. Gr., melas (black) stoma (mouth), from the berries blackening the tongue.
Memecylon coeruleum
nipis kulit300 spp. Old World tropics, 35 spp. in Malaya. Small flowers clustered in leaf axils, blue <1cm, stamens deep blue. Calyx cup bright pink, fruit oblong pink then deep purple.
Memecylon edule
nipis kulitIndia, Siam, Malaya, Sumatra, Java. Common on rocky shores. Smaller leaf blade than M. coeruleum. Tiny blue flowers, fruits pulpy when ripe, go from green to black, never red or purple.
Memecylon oligoneurum Bl.
syn. Lijndenia laurina
nipis kulitMalesia, primary forests from Kedah to Johor.  Tree to 15m. Fruit  lobose, green to blue finally black, sometimes 2 seeds. J 37.  Tunas Harapan 6.2012

Note: This species does not appear on The Plant List.

Memecylon sp. Memecylon-sp.