Family Meliaceae

Aglaia argentea


Lowland forest throughout Malaya, from Burma to the Solomon Islands.
The lower leaflet surface is covered by white or pale brown peltate scales which gives them a silvery appearance.

Aglaia coriacea


Thailand, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Philippines. Lowland hill forests to 1,000m. Small tree to 10 m, twigs slender with dense reddish brown stellate haris, dense on the midribs, less so on the veins. Fruit to 2cm diameter, one seed.


Chukrasia tabularis

surian batu

Single sp. China, India, Indonesia, thru Malaya. Colonizes open areas,
exc. south. Big (to 40m), deciduous. Leaves asymmetric, white flowers,
fruit woody capsule. Lat. flattened, ref. to seeds.

Chukrasia tabularis trunk. Chukrasia tabularis.

Chukrasia tabularis.

Chukrasia tabularis.

Chukrasia tabularis.

Chukrasia tabularis.

Dysoxylum cauliflorum Hiern

Common in W Malesia. Tree to 30m, flowers creamy white very fragrant, spicate, appearing on older branches.  Fr Tunas Harapan 6.2012.

Melia azedarach

mindi kecil, Persian lilac

Nowhere wild, foothills of the Himalayas? Cultivated for scent and
shade. Arabs and Persians use leaf juice as vermifuge and diuretic.
Used as fish poison, 6-8 seeds will kill a man. Poultice of leaves
used for headaches, of flowers kills lice.

Melia azedarach.
Melia excelsa
sentangMalaya, Sumatra, Borneo to New Guinea. Often in villages north from
Malacca, occasionally in lowland forest. Tall evergreen tree to 50m,
leaves tufted at end of long sloping branches. Leaves edible, but
bitter. Good timber for houses.
Melia azadirachta, Melia azedarach.

Melia azadirachta, Melia azedarach.

Melia indica


Wild in India & Java, otherwise cultivated for medicines. All
parts of tree effective. Dried leaves in books deter insects. Identified
by delicate and curiously curved toothed leaflets. Root bark for fever
and anti-malarial, leaf poultice for ulcers.

Melia sp.
Sandoricum koetjape
sentolAbout 5 species , all in Malaya in lowland forest. Leaves trifoliate,
flowers green slender panicles fruit large, round, fleshy, not splitting.
Tree to 50m tall, buttressed when old. Bark smooth with faint raised
circular patterns.

Walsura pinnata


Indo-Malesia 14 spp, 2 in Malaya. Perak, Melaka, Johor, Selangor, Pahang. Small tree to 20m. White flowers in panicles, fruit dull green, oblong to 2cm with 2 seeds, reported poisonous. Seeds dispersed by birds.