Family Rubiaceae

Aidia wallichiana


Malaya, Andamans, Sumatra, Borneo. Througout Malaya, lowland to mountain forest, also on limestone. Showy fragrant inflorescence. Two planted on corners of plaza 07.

Aidia wallichiana.

Aidia wallichiana leaf.

Anthocephalus chinensis

Deciduous monopodial to 30m, stiff outstanding limbs, drooping at
ends. Common in secondary forest & on river banks. Branches in
alternating pairs like mangosteen. Minute seeds, <1mm. Flowers
in stalked round bur-like heads, but each flower separate from others.

Anthocephalus chinensis.
Gardenia carinata
mentiong Kedah

Thailand, throughout Malaya, common in north. Small tree to 15m. Leaves
obovate, lower surface hairy. Flowers solitary or clustered, calyx
tube shields a third of the corolla tube.

Gardenia carinata flower.
Gardenia pterocalyx


Small tree found in swampy habitat, at Tasek Bera, gelam forest in Trengganu and at G. Ulu Kali. Calyx tube with 7-10 narrow wings, fruits with wings down from calyx cup.

Gardenia pterocalyx

Gardenia pterocalyx

Gardenia tubifera

Sumatra, Java, Borneo and Thailand. Throughout Malaya in lowland and
hill forests. Terminalian branching, shoots often resinous. Flowers
solitary, calyx tube truncate, corolla tube length variable, opens
white turning orange. Fruits split to expose seeds in orange pulp.



Ixora scortechinii

pecah periok/piring/pasu, jenjarum

120 spp, generally tropical, 20 spp in Malaya. Flowers in clusters at branch ends, long corolla tube, 4 spreading petals. Attracts butterflies. 2 new specimens December 2007.

Ixora scortechinii.

Ixora schortechinii flowers.

Timonius wallichianus

triang, silver timon

Sumatra, Banka, Riouw, Anambas. In secondary lowland forest up to 500m. Lower leaf surface completely covered by silvery appressed hairs. Flowers unisexual, plants dioecious. 160 spp from Sri Lanka to Pacific, 14 spp in Malaya.

Timonius wallichianus.