Family Sapotaceae

Palaquium gutta

taban merah

Lg. genus of 115 spp. in SEAsia, about 22 spp. in Malaya. Sumatra, Java, Borneo, all states but Perlis, Kedah, Trengg. Med. tree to 25 m., scattered in lowland forest, sometimes planted for gutta percha, tapped in fish-bone pattern.

Palaquium sp.


Payena lucida


Burma, Siam, Sumatra, Borneo, Malaya exc. Perlis. Common in understory.
10 spp. in Malaya, recognized from descending tertiary nerves &
strong tendency for leaves to occupy an alternate rather than spiral
position on twigs.

Payena lucida. Payena lucida leaf.

Payena lucida.

Payena lucida leaves.