Family Theaceae

Gordonia penangensis Ridley

Penang to Singapore, endemic. In open lowland forest. Small tree to 13m, leaves elliptic lanceolate, margin serrulate or entire. Flowers subsessile, yellowish, silky. 2 specimens June 2008.

Ploiarium alternifolium

Few spp confined to Malesia & Indo-China. Shrub or tree to 10m in secondary and swampy forests, and occasionally on isolated mountain tops.

Fr TH 6.2012.

Ternstroemia bancana
kuak (Sakai), medang pergam

From Banka, Perak, Pahang, Selangor, Johor,
Melaka. To 20m. Leaves spirally disposed,
often congested at apex of branchlets and in
false whorls. Flowers solitary, fruit a berry with
leathery wall. 1 from TH 11/09.