Family Thymelaeaceae

Aquilaria malaccensis


India to Philippines. Throughout Malaya, exc. Perlis and Kedah (extinct on Langkawi). Lowlands to 750m. Common, but scattered. Leaves elliptic oblong, suddenly narrowing to long pronounced tip. Wood sometimes produces gaharu, a resinous heartwood, very valuable, making oil for incense used much in native medicine.

Gonystylus affinis
ramin dara elok

W. coast, Kedah to n. Johor. Hillsides and ridges to 300m. Med tree.
Inflorescence terminal to 15cm., golden velvety. Roundish fruits to
4cm., seeds more than half covered by orange aril.

Gonystylus affinis.
Gonystylus bancanus
ramin melawis

Peatswamps, Perak to W. Johor, seasonal swamps, Selangor. SE Sumatra,
Banka, Borneo. Locally common, and the most important source of ramin
timber in Sarawak.

Gonystylus bancanus.
Gonystylus confusus

ramin pinang muda

Malaya, Sumatra. Common in low undulating forest. To 30m, 2m girth.
Bark with long adherent scales. Leaves oblong elliptic. Inflorescence
terminal, roundish fruit.

Gonystylus confusus.

Gonystylus confusus.

Gonystylus confusus leaves.

Gonystylus maingayi
ramin pipit

Sumatra, Malaya. Lowland forest, uncommon. Small to big tree, to 40m,
2.4m girth. Sm. elliptic leaves, pointed, base rounded. Inflorescence
terminal, to 15cm. w/ numerous short branches. Seeds with partially
covering orange aril.

Gonystylus maingayi.

Gonystylus maingayi leaves.