First Turtle Hatchery Season at Chendor

Pak Su of the Geliga Hatchery is keeping a watchful eye on our hatchery at Chendor Beach, at the northern tip of Cherating in Pahang. Rimbun Dahan is building a small “eco” resort on the beach and the first thing that’s operational is the hatchery for mostly Green Turtles.

This egg-laying season, which peaked between April and September, we bought 5,880 eggs and reburied them on Chendor Beach. We estimate that by the time all have hatched we will have a success rate of about 60%. Gestation takes between 45 and 60 days and when Pak Su considers it appropriate he excavates the nest to check on the status of the eggs: often tree roots can prevent them escaping the nest, and on our site the sand is too fine, leading to compaction after rain that can make it very difficult for the turtles to dig themselves out.

We release all our hatchlings within 24 hours of hatching to ensure that they have the largest energy reserves to start their journey. And thanks to all the generous people who have given money to Pak Su to buy more eggs — your kindness has been recorded on the door!