Genus Dipterocarpus

A genus in the family Dipterocarpaceae.

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Dipterocarpus baudii
keruing bulu
Indo China, Burma, Thailand, Malaya, Sumatra. In every state, but rare, used to be comparatively abundant in Sungai Buloh. Rapid early growth, girth of 3′ in 20 years. Prefers low lying but well drained forest. 2 located E of northern end of stream valley, one on back fence in line with back of Uda Manap.
Dipterocarpus caudiferus Merr.
keruing putihLatin, cauda = tail, ferre = to bear (the narrow acumen of leaf apex). Immense emergent tree to 65m, columnar bole and buttresses to 3.5m. Endemic Borneo, not in S & SW. Norsham 5.13.
 D caudiferus 1D caudiferus leaf
Dipterocarpus chartaceus
keruing kertas
From Thailand to Johor, but rare, generally in low coastal locations. Crisp papery dead leaf. Twigs are terminated by buds protected by sheathing stipules that fall to reveal a young folded leaf and another expanding bud beneath.
Dipterocarpus cornutus
keruing gombang
Malaya & Borneo.
Rare over large areas, but common in parts of Perak, Ulu Selangor, K. Pilah, w. Pahang and w. Johor. Conspicuous crown of large light coloured leaves. Twigs and buds covered with velvety tomentum. Leaves oblong, 20 x 12 cm, with c. 20 prs nerves, ridges between.
Dipterocarpus costulatus
keruing kipas
All states Malaya, Sumatra, N. Borneo. On low lying flood prone land, & on hills. Endangered. Leathery, glabrous, ridged leaf acute at the base. Grey bole, bark studded with lenticles, stipules to 16 cm, tomentose, pastel pink. Planted 6/07.
Dipterocarpus crinitus Dyer
keruing mempalas
Malaya, Sumatra, Borneo; these from Labis FR, Johor. Prefers low drained land, now vulnerable, small population at Pasoh. Small harshly hairy oval leaf. Stipules up to 5 x 2.5 cm, boat shaped, smooth or w/deciduous hairs, pink when fresh. Viable fruits rare, excessively insect predated. 2 in front on N side, under Durians.


Dipterocarpus elongatus
keruing latek
Malaya, NE Sumatra, N Borneo. Usually in low lying forest, near swamps or on flood prone land, critically endangered by land conversion. Large many nerved leaves, & large wingless fruits. 3 planted NW of upper pond, indistinguishable from D cornutus planted later. 1 D. elongatus well established W of service driveway near original red store.
Dipterocarpus eurhyncus Miq.
keruing baran
Sumatra, Borneo, S Philippines, Malaya in east coast south of KT, was common Arong FR Johor, now critically endangered. Small ridged leaf.From Tunas Harapan 6.2012.
Dipterocarpus gracilis
keruing kesat
Chittagong, Andamans, Vietnam, Malaya, Java, Sumatra, Philippines. Endangered. Grey bole w/reddish patches where scales have fallen; finely lenticillated bark. Leaves 15 x 8 cm, 14 -18 nerved. Planted 6/07.
Dipterocarpus grandiflorus
keruing belimbing
From Andamans to Philippines; widespread in Malaya. Name from calyx tube like belimbing. Bole light yellow, scaly, with smooth lenticellate portions. Stipules v. large before falling, 18 x 5 cm, purple pink when fresh. Fruits among the largest of the genus. Young leaves of saplings dark purple. Planted 6/07, S of path to Uda Manap near Bulatan Plong.


 Dipterocarpus humeratus Slooten
keruing kerukupLatin humeris = shoulder; the articulated petiole. Sumatra & Borneo. In mixed Dipterocarp foests on well drained clay soils. Emergent tree to 50m with 2m buttresses. Norsham 5.13. 3 located E of upper end of stream valley.
 D humeratus treeD humeratus stipule
Dipterocarpus kerrii King
keruing gondol
Andaman Islands, Burma, Thailand, Malaya, east Sumatra, Philippines. Widely distibuted, tends to be gregarious, but absent from large areas particularly on the east coast. Rather small shiny, few nerved long petioed leaves, stipules silky on inside. Large globose fruits. Norsham 5.13;  5 planted north of chicken coop.D kerriileaf
 D kerrii
Dipterocarpus kunstleri
keruing gombang merah
Malaya, Sumatra, Borneo, Philippines. Lowlands, now endangered. Twigs w/broad stipular collars, large glabrous leaves. Young boles marked w/horizontal furrows, older yellowish bark studded w/diffuse, medium lenticels. Linear stipules. Leaves broad ovate or elliptic, 22 x 15 cm, 15 nerved, petioles 5-7 cm, black, glabrous. Planted 6/07.
Dipterocarpus oblongifolius Bl.
keruing neram
Borneo, Malaya, along rivers above tidal zone, strictly riparian. Rare in west, but in Bubu FR Perak. Secure in Taman Negara, but threatened elsewhere. Thick fissured bark, sub-ovate velvety leaves. Fr Tunas Harapan 6.2012, located NNW of upper pond.
Dipterocarpus sarawakensis Sloot
keruing layang
Sarawak, Brunei, south Borneo, & near Kemaman River, Terengganu. On low leached sandy soils. Extinct in Malaya? Small obovate obtuse leaf, wavy margin towards apex, short petiole, dense coarse indumentum. Fr Tunas Harapan 6.2012. One located in open path to W of Bulatan Plong, the latter from TH in front near grove of Shorea sumatrana.
Dipterocarpus sublamellatus Foxw.
keruing kerut
Sumatra, N Borneo, Malaya. Most abundant on undulating land s of Temerloh, scattered on west coast. Small ridged leaves, sub-lamellate fruits. Fr Tunas Harapan 6.2012. Also 3 trees north of Dance studio, originally identified as D. dyeri, fruited in 2014, and seem to be D. sublamellatus.

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