Genus Dryobalanops

A genus in the family Dipterocarpaceae.

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Dryobalanops aromatica
Sumatra, Rhiau, Borneo. In Malaya confined to northern east coast, except for small important area near Rawang. Distinguished by aromatic crushed leaf, wood resistant to fugal attack.
Dryobalanops lanceloata

kapur paji

Latin, lanceolatus = shaped like the head of a spear (the leaf blade). Emergent tree to 80m. Endemic in Borneo. Saplings shade tolerant, but given a light gap grow very fast. Norsham 5.13. D. lanceloata on left, specimen on right seems to be D. keithii, with very large leaves and different tree architecture.

Dryobalanops oblongifolia Dyer
Malaya, e Sumatra, w & centr Borneo, seasonally flooded forest, but absent in deep peat. Used to build boats. Vulnerable due to habitat loss. Large canopy trees, bark closely studded w/small lenticels, heavy wingless fruits. Seed c 2.5 cm enclosed at base by 5-lobed calyx tube.2 new speciments June 2008, pictured below right.

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