Genus Hopea

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A genus in the family Dipterocarpaceae.

Hopea auriculata Foxw.
Rare endemic fr Panti, Johor & G. Tapis, Pahang. Lanceolate few nerved leaf w/ almost invisible tertiary venation, and auriculate fruit, 2 winged, 7×1.5cm. Small trees, smooth bark. 3 planted NW of large clump of nibong palms on stream.
H auriculata newH auriculata leaf new
     Hopea beccariana Burck

      merawan batu

Borneo, E Sumatra, Malaya. Throughout peninsula, esp coastal hills of Penang and Dindings. Small populations surviving at Muka Head, Penang. Hard fissured bark and broad, long petioled leaves, to 3m girth. Resembles H latifolia, but H latifolia does not have regularly deep-fissured bark. These trees too young to differentiate. 3 planted on north fence of tennis court, now with many seedlings.

 H beccariana
Hopea bilitonensis Ashton
no recorded local name
Banka, Bilitung, once on Perak limestone. Long, narrow, equal-based leaves w/remotely tertiary scalariform nerves. Winged ovate fruits, 1 cm w/short point, sepals narrowly winged at base, 2 longer and 3 shorter than nut. 2 planted E & SE of Rumah Balai.
H billitonensisHopea-bilitonensis
Hopea coriacea Burck

Borneo and east coast of peninsula from s Kelantan to s Pahang. Rare, possibly extinct in peninsula. Large ovate, leathery glabrous leaf w invisible nervules, and the pointed fruits with 2 long wings and 3 papery lobes. 3 planted on N fence to Lg Belimbing uphill from Rumah Balai.


H coreaceaeH coreaceae leaf
Hopea dryobalanoides
mata kuching hitam
Sumatra, Borneo, Malaya (Kedah, Perak, Sel, NS, Pahang). Endangered. Thin elliptic to oblong lanceolate dryobalanoid leaves. Small trees, adventitious aerial roots; tear-like stalactitic exudations of pale damar. Two planted on back fence early 90s, one more 6/07, W of nibong clump in stream valley.
Hopea-dryobalanoidesH dryobalanoides canopy
Hopea ferrea  Lanessan
malut, cengal batu
Indochina, Thailand, NW Malaya, this from Langkawi. Near or on rocky hills; now endangered. Shaggy bole, small leafed crown that is red in new leaf. Fr Tunas Harapan 6.2012, in front lawn, south of upper pond.
H ferreaH ferrea stipule

Hopea ferruginea
mata kucing merah, merawan jangkung
Malaya, Sumatra, Riau, Borneo; Melaka, NS, Johor, on low undulating land. Habitat loss now endangered. Buttresses sharp, stilt roots, bark cracked w/clear dammar. In front lawn, S of upper pond.
Hopea johorensis
merawan mata kucing pipit
Endemic, confined to E Johor. Vulnerable. Reddish brown powdery surface of the bole, exudations of damar mata kucing and small many nerved leaves. Fr Tunas Harapan 6.2012. Specimen died, to be replaced.
Hopea mengarawan
merawan penak, pengarawan jangkang
Sumatra, Malaya, Borneo. East coast & south
peninsula. On low, often swampy land. Often stilt-rooted, jangkang. Endangered, habitat loss, small
stipules, reversing curve before falling. Large
leathery, many veined leaves; fruits 2 winged.
1 fr TH 11.09

Hopea nervosa
merawan jangkang
Borneo & Malaya. Endangered by habitat loss, all states. Smooth barked Hopea up to 2.5m girth. Large oblong leaves w prominent main nerves; large fruits, 2 winged to 10cm; jangkangprominent stilt roots. 1 fr TH 11.09.
Hopea-nervosa Hopea-nervosa-leaf
Hopea nutans
Trengganu, Pahang, Johor, sometimes in gregarious and rich stands. Timber very hard heavy and durable, hence greatly depleted. several planted at front, c 20 m from fence, others E of service road to red store.
Hopea odorata
chengal pasir
Indo-China, Burma, Siam, Andaman Is. and north Malaya. Rarely far from streams. Identified by pore-like domatia in leaf axils. Flower petals pale yellow, fruits 2 winged; nut ovate conical. Timber: merawan, commercial in Burma & Siam. Planted along entrance road to main house.
Hopea pierrei HANCE
merawan palung (trough, ref sunken rib)
S Indochina, Thailand, Pasoh FR, Ulu GombakFR, now endangered by conversion and logging.  This fr Gombak.  Small ovate-acuminate many nerved leaf with midrib depressed on upper surface. Fr Tunas Harapan 6.2012, in front lawn, E of upper pond.
Hopea polyalthioides
giam rambai (Ulu Gombak)
Rare endemic, only in well drained forest in one valley in Panti FR Johor; maybe extinct, but this fr Ulu Gombak. Large, long-oblong leaves arranged in distichous sprays and velvety young twigs. Fr Tunas Harapan 6.2012, N of upper pond close to stream crossing.
Hopea pubescens
merawan bunga
Endemic to Kelantan and Pahang on flat drained land & low hills. Fissured bark, pubescent twigs and small leaves (sparsely hairy on midrib that is sunk on upper surface). Fruit 2 wings only 2cm long, v. small nut. Planted in ’95 (?) in Jambu plot, S of Ahmad’s red sculpture.
Hopea sangal
Thailand, Malaya, Sumatra, Borneo, islands of Sunda shelf. Typically near rivers. In extreme north its place is taken by closely related and very similar H. odorata (cengal pasir). Vulnerable because of lowland habitat. Planted 6/07, S of laterite road to back.
Hopea subalata
merawan kancing
Endemic to Kancing FR Selangor. Thin oval ovate, caudate-acuminate subdyrobalanoid leaves and almost wingless fruits.  Small smooth barked Hopea to 1m girth, buttresses stilted, w/ adventitious stilt roots, bole straight but not tall. SE of Bulatan Plong, beside path to Uda Manap.
Hopea sp.
Planted June 2012, from Maxwell Hill, Bukit Larut. S of east studio.

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