Genus Parashorea

A genus in the family Dipterocarpaceae.

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Parashorea densiflora
meranti pasir
Endemic to southern half of peninsula. Scattered in undulating or hilly forests up to 450m. Now endangered, perhaps critically, by land conversion. Small hairly leaves, and globose fruits with reflexed calyx lobes. Med to lg trees, up to 4m girth; crown heavy dark coloured.


Parashorea malaanonan
urat mata daun licin
Borneo white seraya, not found in Malaya.TH 6.2012. (Tagalog, mala=false, anonang=the custard apple) Borneo, Philippines. Widespread in Sabah. To 60m, 2m diam, dense dome shaped crown. Vulnerable, cut for timber. Norsham 5.13.
P malaanonanP malaanonan new leaf
Parashorea tomentella Symington
urat mata beludu
Latin, tomentellus = with small stuffing (eg a pillow): the indumentum. Emergent to 65m, 2m diam. Borneo endemic. Vulnerable.Norsham 5.13, all 3 planted in Sabah area, to NNW. 
Parashorea tomantella SabahParashorea tomantella new leaf

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