Iliaeb Duo

The Iliaeb duo was founded by a choreographer, performer and visual artist, Ilia Gilbertas, and Etienne Bernardot, a visual artist using the digital tool. They gathered around the idea of confronting the body with the digital, to appropriate this tool through art, to get it out of an exclusively virtual world through the body. It is in this sense that the duo invests in a reflection on this medium to ultimately build a digital education. In addition to the performances of their creations, the duo hosts workshops around them. They also participate in Open Workshops. The duo believes in the need to develop a critical thinking about digital and its evolution, both on the side of Big Data and the commercialization of data, than on the side of the body and what it may involve.

The duo comes to Rimbun Dahan as Open Residency artists in October 2018 to work on the first stage of their project, [Substrat]. It is a performance in situ, visual and evolving, directly related to the geographical environment and the proposals of the musician / s, and performer / s. The essence of this project is the meeting of various artistic and cultural worlds. It is a piece destined to travel, to evolve, to grow as and when meetings and places. Beyond performance, [Substrat] is thought of as a means of exchange. Each city visited, each artist met, will leave a trace, a testimony for the following. That’s why the basic devices—one  computer, one camera, two video projectors and to pairs of hands—are so lightweight. Visual creation is done live by manipulating objects, materials, light and images generated by the computer. The camera captures this manipulation and projects it on screen, or video mapping on building.

You can check out more about their works on their website, Facebook or Vimeo.