Introducing Syar, New Arts Manager at Rimbun Dahan

Syar Profile Photo Jan 2015Hello! My name’s Syar (pronounced Shar), I’m a writer, editor, and thing maker.

I was editor of ISSUE, a Malaysian online literary magazine, and my writing has appeared in ISSUE itself, Baccarat Magazine, a zine called CheweWaves a newsletter by feminist organization AWAM and in my techno-death-memoir project, The Resilience of Echoes.

I’m interested in poetry, memoir, creative nonfiction, girls’ & women’s narratives, marginalized voices, reworked myths and fairytales, collage and pastiche, zines, crafts, theatre and performing arts, language, alternative history, feminism, human rights, memory, death, the Internet, and electronic literature. Among other things. Find more of my work on my website.

Being the new Rimbun Dahan arts manager fills me with trepidation and buoyant excitement. It’s a huge privilege to be a part of such a storied institution that has seen and supported so many artists and artworks, and I hope to honour and continue this legacy. I think a Rimbun Dahan residency should be a safe, nourishing space to create but also a challenging space that cultivates dialogue. I’m excited to connect with the resident artists and to facilitate connections and collaborations between them and the local art/dance/writing/theatre/what-have-you communities. May I be one of the strings between the tin cans that bridge the two.You can contact me at