Johanne Lykke

Johanne Lykke is a Danish visual artist living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark. Johanne is with us in February as an Open Residency artist.

“I work with a feminist approach towards abstract painting exploring the idea of the feminine, its materiality and the meeting between feminine and masculine art traditions. Through monumental spray paintings and watercolours I investigate a soft, transparent materiality in painting on paper. With a minimalist use of the spray paint, I challenge its wellknown grafitti aesthetics. In watercolours, I work with immediate, fluidity which, through its scale, aim to question the medium’s associations to its amateur, lower status in the art world as well as a “ladies’ medium”.

As an artist-in-residence at Rimbun Dahan, I wish to expand my western perspective by exploring the Malaysian color traditions and batik techniques. I will be researching connections to the idea of the feminine in South-East Asian visual cultures and hope to find new inspiration during my stay as well as creating a dialogue between eastern and westerns perspective on femininity in art.”

You can check out the artist’s instagram here.