July 2009 — Baby Wild Boar

by Angela Hijjas

No sooner did the pig tail macaque make an appearance than a real one pig came along — a baby wild boar, Sus scrofa, separated from its mother. The dogs cornered it apparently but because it bites they didn’t want to know much more about it. Sham, our handyman, heard the ruckus and found it, but it tried to bite him too!  Bad photos because I needed a flash, and it was wriggling a lot…

We have had occasional instances of wild boars at Rimbun Dahan, although these are fewer now that we have fixed a few holes in the fence. They come from the surrounding abandoned rubber estates, where they are hunted by weekend warriors for food. Wild boar piglets are striped, whereas adults are not — this is thought to help them stay camouflaged. Usually wild boar sows with piglets are particularly defensive of their young, and can inflict ferocious wounds although, unlike the male boars, they have no tusks.