Moe Satt

Moe Satt, a performance artist from Yangon trained in zoology and community development, was in residence at Rimbun Dahan for three months, from February to April 2008.


Moe Satt (b 1983) lives and works in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). In 2005 he graduated from East Yangon University with a Bachelor of Sciences (Zoology). Since then, he has participated in over 25 performance events and four solo shows as well as digital art exhibitions.

In his art works, Moe Satt tries to reflect the order and disorder surrounding people and the neverending justification in terms of human internal validity. He started out as a performance artist showing his work in the galleries and on the pavements of Yangon. In April 2007 he attended a certificate program in Community Development and Civic Empowerment at Chiang Mai University, Thailand. He exhibited his first solo art work abroad at Chiang Mai University in June 2007. He has participated in international performance art festivals including Performance Site Myanmar 05, 8th Open International Performance Art Festival in Beijing, China and 9th Asiatopia International Performance Art Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand.