One-Day Butoh Workshop by Yukio Waguri

Yukio-WaguriThis one-day workshop introduces Butoh Fu or Butoh Notation, based on the Hijikata method created by Tatsumi Hijikata, one of the founders of Butoh and is taught by butoh master Yukio Waguri.

Time: 10am – 5pm, with a break for lunch
Date: Wednesday 30 January 2013
Venue: The Dance Studio at Rimbun Dahan
Fees: RM100 per person (limited to 20 participants), open to MyDance Alliance members only and by registration only.

About the Workshop

This workshop investigates the relationship between dance, the body, and possession. It trains the student to explore the importance of walking in Butoh, the physical body as a medium, a person who passes through, what is craziness, the crisis of the mind and the body, and the philosophies of Butoh. From the workshop, the students will investigate the power of transformation as a fundamental element of Butoh, also exploring the different body conditions from heaviness to lightness, from compression to expansion, and the relationship between space and time that is made by the body’s condition.

About Yukio Waguri

Born in Tokyo in 1952, Yukio Waguri was the disciple and main male dancer at Tatsumi Hijikata’s Asbestos-kan during 1972-1978. From this period he kept notes of the words Hijikata spoke while choreographing. These words are called “Butoh-fu”, a unique method for choreography. Waguri has made his own interpretation of these words and continues to use them as a method for his own choreographies and teaching. Over the past 34 years he has taught and choreographed around the world. He is the Artistic Director of the Kohzensha Butoh Company. When choreographing and teaching, his focus is on transforming oneself to become imagery rather than depicting this through movement. His rigid and flexible body, a good sharpness of beautiful model, and delicacy nuance, is able to express his dance delicately. The variety of the dance, mainly based on the change of the subject, shows the possibilities of the future of dance. In addition, to the physical imagery roused through attention to the words of the unique Butoh Fu Hijikata lineage, Waguri also concentrates on collaborations with the artist in other genres.

In 1998, Waguri published the CD-ROM of Butoh Kaden, which has been viewed worldwide and has received much interest from butoh dance scholars and practitioners as it unveils the essence of Hijikata’s Butoh notation and choreographic methods, and provides an opportunity to reevaluate Hijikata’s method.

Register for the Workshop

Individuals may join MyDance Alliance on the day of the workshop at the venue. Membership for MyDance Alliance is RM 50 regular, and RM 20 student, for one year, and entitles you to free entrance to Dancebox events, discounts to workshops and performances and other benefits. For more information about membership, see

To register, please send your name, age, email address and telephone number to or +6017 310 3769.
This workshop is hosted by Soubi Sha and organised by MyDance Alliance.

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