Open Call: Southeast Asian Arts Residency 2020 – CLOSED

Rimbun Dahan is committed to investing in emerging/developing artistic talents in the region and furthering artistic exchange with our neighbours. We invite visual artists, writers, arts managers, and researchers/curators from Southeast Asian countries to submit applications for residencies in 2020. Rimbun Dahan residencies provide a quiet, green and peaceful space for artists and arts workers to commit themselves deeply to their own artistic practice, within a warm and supportive community.

Residencies can be minimum 1 month and maximum 3 months. Places are limited. Priority will be given to artists who are applying for longer residencies of 3 months duration, but please read details on immigration below.

All applications must be received by Monday, 30 September 2019.

Eligibility criteria

  • Artists must be nationals of these listed countries only: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam
  • Former Rimbun Dahan and Hotel Penaga resident artists are not eligible to apply

Expectations of the residency

  • Resident artists must stay and work on-site full time in the accommodation and workspace provided
  • Friendly engagement with the other resident artists is encouraged
  • Resident artists should make themselves available (to the best of their ability) for occasional student group visits, general visitors, and other outreach events (artist talks, showcases, etc) organized by Rimbun Dahan throughout the year
  • For visual artists: at the end of a residency, one item of visual art work is provided for the Rimbun Dahan Permanent Collection. The selection is made by Rimbun Dahan with guidance from the artist.
  • For non-visual artists: acknowledgement of Rimbun Dahan’s support in the final product (publication, presentation, etc) is appreciated.

What’s provided by the residency

  • Individual accommodation and workspace, including utilities
  • Monthly allowance of RM1000
  • Access to washing machine, exercise equipment, swimming pool, and our library and artist lounge (WiFi equipped)
  • Weekly transportation for grocery shopping
  • Basic administrative support

Please note that the following is not provided: visa and immigration compliance, travel funds (including money for airfare), travel insurance, airport pickup and dropoff, meals, or materials.

About residency duration & immigration

We are aware that it is challenging for ASEAN nationals to be able to stay in Malaysia for 3 months in one trip, as Rimbun Dahan does not provide a special visa for your residency, and ASEAN nationals are usually given only 30 days’ stay per visit (as an automatic short term social visit pass, not a visa) when they arrive in Malaysia.

If you wish to apply for a residency more than 30 days long, you will need to exit the country and return later. We are happy to facilitate multiple visits to Rimbun Dahan during the calendar year of 2020 (for example, a residency of 90 days, with 3 visits x 30 days per visit, and at least 1 week between visits).

The 30 days of the automatic social visit pass does not always equal one month, so be mindful of days and dates when booking flights. In our experience, Malaysian immigration prefers that ASEAN nationals have at least one week between their most recent departure date from Malaysia and their next re-entry date.

You can apply for an additional 30 day extension to your visa while in Malaysia, before your initial visa ends, by visiting an immigration office. Approval of extension is not always guaranteed. Processing can take anywhere from 2 days to a week, and it may require you to change the date of your original return ticket. So if you are planning to extend your stay, do be ready and make arrangements during your residency to go to the immigration office and go through the necessary processes OR to book multiple flights to renew your visa every 30 days during your residency.

How to apply

Please submit an application containing:

  • Biodata/CV
  • A selection of images/samples of recent work (Please provide a curated selection and context for the works where applicable/necessary)
  • A statement of why a stay at Rimbun Dahan would benefit your art practice and/or a project proposal for your time in residency
  • Dates for which you are seeking accommodation and the proposed duration of your residency. Please provide multiple options, if possible

Please send in COMPLETE applications only. You can choose to send either an electronic application OR a hard copy application, please do not send both. All applications are due by Monday, 30 September 2019.


Send electronic applications to:


Ms Xeem Noor, Arts Manager


Send hard copy applications to:

Ms Xeem Noor, Arts Manager
Rimbun Dahan
c/ Hijjas Kasturi Associates Sdn.,
23rd floor Menara Promet,
Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur

Please indicate if you’d like hard copy application material to be returned after selections are made.


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