Reimena Yee

Malaysian illustrator and storyteller Reimena Yee has joined us for a 1-month residency from February to March 2021. She is currently working on two graphic novels. The first, My Aunt is a Monster, is a children’s adventure comedy about an aspiring writer and her former world’s greatest adventure aunt with a secret. (Announcement on Publisher’s Weekly) The second is a 21st century retelling of the Alexander Romance, a 2000-year old global literary tradition of the life, legend and legacy of Alexander the Great. (

My Aunt is a Monster is about blind orphan Safia, who dreams of being an adventurer. When it’s discovered that Safia has a living relative, the reclusive Lady Walteranne Whimsy, Safia is whisked away to a new home and a new adventure she never knew was possible.

Alexander, The Servant & The Water of Life In 323 BCE, Alexander the Great, fearing the destruction of his pothos – his longing for life, ambition and eternal conquest – from old age, Alexander embarks on a quest for the elusive Water of Life while accompanied by his wisest, most trustworthy Servant.

As they experience a series of countless fabulous wonders, including glass submarines, naked philosophers, Amazonians, and talking prophetic trees, Alexander confronts his complex legacy and reflects on the life and deeds that will cement his transformation into one of the most unforgettable figures in world history.

About Reimena

Reimena Yee is the author-illustrator of the gothic comics The World in Deeper Inspection, the Eisner and Mcduffie-nominated The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya, and Seance Tea Party. She also writes The Makers Club series, co-created with Tintin Pantoja. As an illustrator and designer, she creates whimsical and poppy artwork for clients like Dropmix, Girls Make Games, Adventure Time, DFTBA’s Bizarre Beasts, and Penguin Workshop among many others. Elsewhere, she is the co-founder and co-organiser of UNNAMED, a regional grassroots comics collective for visual-literary creators in Southeast Asia focusing on community-building and resource-sharing through workshops, panels and partnerships. And when she’s not coming up with ideas for UNNAMED, she works part-time as an editor and admin assistant in Hiveworks Comics, an online webcomics and graphic novel studio-publisher.