Ruth Taylor & Auke de Vries

Animated Trip

Ruth Taylor and Auke de Vries are professional animators from The Netherlands who both worked in the TV industry for a few years. After working commercially they wanted more time to spend on their personal artwork. So they decided to go on a trip around the world to explore new environments, learn from different cultures, get inspired and create artwork based on these experiences. Malaysia is their second stop of the 7 countries they’re going to visit. In 6 months they will travel from artist residency to artist residency. You can follow them on their journey on Facebook.

Ruth Taylor

Ruth Taylor is both animator and illustrator. She grew up in Rotterdam, where her interest in illustrating grew. After finishing high school she moved to Breda to study at St. Joost Art Academy. While she was studying, she started doing mainly illustration, but after a while she considered that the possibilities of moving images were also very interesting. Animals and nature are a recurring theme in her illustrations and animations. She loves creating detailed illustrations and the painstaking work of animation does not keep her from putting those details in for a few seconds of animation, frame by frame. You can check out her work on her website.

Auke de Vries
Auke de Vries is a filmmaker, animator and motion graphics designer. He graduated from the St. Joost Art Academy and uses a wide variety of animation techniques in his work such as stop motion, mixed media and computer animation. He strips down complex stories to tell their essence in a simple way and puts the real world in perspective by creating his own, usually with a bit of humor. You can check out his work on his website.