Silver Yee & Chloe Tan

Malaysian dance artists Silver Yee and Chloe Tan are in residence at Rimbun Dahan for a month in October-November 2020. Here is what they’re working on:

“Since the MCO, we have been spending way more time behind our screens. Both of us recognized the importance of bringing ourselves back into the present moment by moving. Through exploring different exercises and movement practices, we are hoping to connect ourselves and our body the best we can, giving ourselves the space and time to feel, dance, and explore the most. We are also documenting our daily practices and short movement phrases created, intending to make it as a journal of our process.”


About Silver Yee

Silver Yee is a Malaysian contemporary dance artist. She graduated in Cultural Studies and Criticism (MA) from Graduate Institute of Dance, Taipei National University of the Arts. During her MA study in Taiwan, she has performed works for local and international artists, including Remember Not to Say Goodbye by Lucas
Viallefond, But You Didn’t by Jack Kek, Thought and Voice of the Body by Kathyn Tan, Mary Wigman’s ‘Dance of Death II’ reconstructed by Henrietta Horn, and Unspeakable by Su Shu. In 2017, she made her choreography and production debut Kill Your Darlings, with Jason Yap in klpac indicine. In 2020, she collaborated with Kyson Teo and Lim Thou Chun to create a full length site-specific performance piece Where Souls Meet at Kluang. As a dancer and arts administrator, she has toured internationally including Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Scotland.

About Chloe Tan

Chloe picked up dancing after she finished her Degree in International Business and graduated from ASWARA with a Diploma in Dance. Afterwards she worked as a full-time performer in a musical called MUD: Our Story of Kuala Lumpur. After returning from a working holiday in New Zealand, Chloe has been performing with a modern circus group called Psycusix since 2017. She also participated in various projects/productions including Choreolab in Wellington (2018); Dancing in Place at Urbanscapes (2018); In/Out, a devised physical theatre (2019); Kandang (2019); her very first shadow play experience with MasaKini Theatre Company, Wayang: Mak Yong Stories (2019); and Rashomon (2020) as co-movement director and actor.