Syed Fakaruddin

Visual artist Syed Fakaruddin is undertaking a 6-month residency at Rimbun Dahan from September to March 2020, in preparation for a solo exhibition. During his residency, he is developing a series of works exploring the three layers of landscape painting: background, middleground and foreground. Each layer has a different expression and technique, depending on mood, memory and the residency environment.

About the Artist

Syed Fakaruddin (b. 1989, Malaysia) is a Malaysia-based artist who works mainly in painting, sculpture and installation. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from University Teknologi Mara (UiTM) in 2012 majoring in sculpture. Syed Fakaruddin is inclined toward equipping himself as a multi-disciplinary artist by actively challenging himself in various techniques, less-conventional media and thought-provoking ideas which are strongly drawn from his surroundings.

Being receptive to nature, Syed Fakaruddin uses metaphors in his art in an attempt to evoke emotions, offer different perspectives and often challenging his audience’s comprehension in a self-reflective manner. He sees himself as a creative story-teller who soaks up interesting stories based on his own experience, being both the muse and the observer.

Syed Fakaruddin was named as one of the grand winners of the Malaysia Emerging Artist Award 2019 (MEAA) and selected as the finalist for the ‘Bakat Muda Sezaman’ contest organized by the National Visual Arts Gallery. Currently, he is practicing art in Ara Damansara.