Rhiannon Rebecca Salisbury

Rhiannon Rebecca Salisbury

Rhiannon Rebecca Salisbury is an emerging artist from London. Since the inception of her career her work has been exhibited across Europe and the US (London, Rome, New York, Los Angeles). The Artist was awarded The Rome Art Program Scholarship, The Art Academy Mixed Media Prize, and won The “Picture the Heath” painting prize.

The artist’s work recalls Alan Moore’s assertions that; “The one place gods and demons inarguably exist is in the human mind where they are real in all their grandeur and monstrosity. Much of magic as I understand it in the Western Occult tradition is the search for the self with a capital S. This is being understood as being the great work the gold that alchemist sort.”

I have a formal approach to painting that is guided by aesthetic intuition. For me painting is an enabling medium that opens up a liminal space to access memories from the subconscious.

My influences range from the Surrealists concerns with the unconscious, through to contemporary practices concerned with memory and magic. My practise is one of recall and expulsion, it is a process of storytelling and self mythologising.

In order to produce an image the first thing I do is recall an experience. I focus on the emotions that my memory of the experience evokes and try to intensify them. Once I have brought the experiential feelings to the forefront of my mind, I begin the technique of visualisation. Many things rush through my minds eye, I allow these to settle and try to consolidate the whirling forms, colours and flash backs into a single image that will embody them.

Rhiannon will be in Rimbun Dahan from the start of April to the start of May 2015. Find more of her work on her website and blog. She is also on Twitter and Facebook.