Yuwatee Jehko

Yuwatee Jehko

Yuwatee Jehko - Clouds (2014)

Cloud, 2014. Acrylic on linen, 120 x 85cm

Yuwatee Jehko (b. 1984) is a Thai painter and educator based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

She derives inspiration from process, believing that the paint palette is an integral part of each painting, because without this tool and experimental space, the work would not exist. Yuwatee finds in the paint palette purity, a struggle between the colours, the residue, choices, mistakes, and ultimately, the journey of the resulting painting hidden in a blob of paint. Her works often depict every day objects, which she hopes will evoke memories, both good and bad, within the viewer and remind them both of who they are today and who they will be tomorrow.

Yuwatee studied at the College of Fine Arts in Bangkok before getting both her Bachelors and Masters of Fine Art in Chiang Mai University. During that time, she was a part of an artist apprentice-training programme at the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia in 2011. Yuwatee has also taught basic drawing in multimedia technology and animation in Mae Fah Luang University in Chiang Mai.

In 2009, she mounted her first solo exhibit, “Mindscape” at Galerie N in Bangkok. Her most recent exhibit titled “Paints Palette” was held in 2014 at The Meeting Room Art Café in Chiang Mai.

Find more of her work on her website.

Dancing in Place 2015

Dancing in Place 2015

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Dancing up a tree. On a sculpture. Underwater. Underground.
12 contemporary dance works in the tranquil tropical garden at Rimbun Dahan. Family friendly, FREE ENTRY for all!

Saturday 31 January
Sunday 1 February [same program on both days]

Rimbun Dahan
Km 27 Jalan Kuang
Selangor 48050. MAP

Photos below by our official photographers, Huneid Tyeb and James Quah. Click here for more photos of Dancing in Place 2015.

Mermaid meets monkey from classical myth, in the duet ‘Same Space’ by Shahrin Johry from Maya Dance Theatre [Singapore] and Phittaya Phaefuang [Thailand].

Colours lead you on a journey of rebirth, in ‘Dust to Dust’ with Rithaudin Abdul Kadir, Foo Chiwei and Pinar Sinka.

Three guys and three beds will always be a work-in-progress, in ‘Asing-Asing’ by Lee Ren Xin

Best friends forever and partners in crime, in ‘Then She Simply Disappears’, performed by Nurulakmal Abdul Wahid’s students from University Pendidikan Sultan Idris.

Joelle Jacinto dances through Jack Kek’s vision of a German city, in this excerpt ‘Strasse, Stadt’ from ‘A Wanderer in Berlin’.

The dancers of Batari Shakti let down their hair in a ritual purification with the sacred number ‘Seven’, with choreographer Alla Azura Abal Abas as their guide.

Mia Cabalfin and Rhosam Prudenciado Jr. from the Philippines welcome you to the Penang heritage house, with ‘Housewarming’.


A group of friends who might just be pretending to be dancers, choreographed by Leng Poh Gee.

What are we apart from names and numbers? Judimar Hernandez, Gan Chih Pei & James Kan explore ‘Existence.’

Indian classical dance stars Rathimalar Govindarajoo and January Low in their intimate duet ‘rehab’.

Selipar Dance Troupe turns every place into a stage, under the leadership of Loke Soh Kim.

Alisya Razman Adam and Chong Hoei Tzin combine youth and skill in the romantic solos from ‘Short Stories’, choreographed by Patrick Suzeau [USA]



++ Lim Sae Min takes everyone in a circle, hand-to-hand! [Saturday only]

Dancing in Place is a joint project of Rimbun Dahan and MyDance Alliance.

For more information, contact Bilqis Hijjas, Producer, +6017 310 3769 or bilqis@rimbundahan.org

Please note that Dancing in Place is not a wheelchair-accessible event.